Delhi Elections: The Masterstroke of Obama

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Political Pandits are decoding the causes of humiliating rout of BJP in Delhi Vidhan Sabha Polls.

Some are giving reasonable causes while other making wild guesses. Many of them are seeing the results as loss of Narendra Modi instead of victory of AAP.

It will be gross injustice to undermine efforts of AAP cadre.

The out of box thinking and connecting to masses with various media, most powerfully with social media has helped turned the tide in favor of AAP.

But one point is consistently missed. The visit of the United States president Barak Obama also played a role in defeat of BJP.

Due to presence of Barak Obama world media eyes were glued at Delhi. Any incident in Delhi would have made to international headlines bringing bad name to nation. Thus the party in power could not risk a riot in Delhi.

The practical of Kalyanpuri riots could not be carried further due to this very reason.

BJP is well known for creating communal tensions just before elections. The party chief Amit Shah, who had served jail terms in connection of Ishrat Jahan encounter, is famously called the master strategist of the party.

The master strategist could not get a chance to repeat Uttar Pradesh show in Delhi. The political aftermath of Muzaffarnagar riots is secret to none.

Also, after his return President Obama made weighed remarks about religious tolerance in India. With his remarks Obama once again brought world attention to religious hatred.

The Shahi Imam ‘fatwa’ for muslims to vote in support of AAP, which was swiftly rejected by AAP was seen by many as last ditch effort to communalize and polarize the polls.

Perhaps this was the best and safest way to polarize the elections as violence would have dented the reputation of Nation.

Hence it can be said that Obama’s statement on India has its impact in Delhi elections.

But the question still remains why did the Obama choose to speak on religious freedom in India?

Your guesses are welcome…


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