Union Budget: Ache Din for Corporate, Bad days for Aam Admi

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New Delhi: Welfare Party of India criticised the first full budget of the Modi led BJP government saying it has brought Ache Din for Corporate and Bad days for Aam Admi.

Party national president Dr. S. Q. R. Ilyas said “the hastiness and concern for Corporate by lowering the tax rate from 30 to 25 was not seen in the case of common people.

“Service tax has been increased to 14%. Even a slice of the benefit of heavy fall in crude oil price was not transferred to common tax payers by u ion minister Mr.  Arun Jaitley . Share for SC/ST has been slashed substantially. The minister speaks loudly about five more mega nuclear power plants to appease foreign corporate, but makes no mention or provision for cheaper and safe alternative energy sources abundant in the nation.

There is no change in the budget allocation for minorities, whatever little increase is there is because the government didn’t release the 4th quarter fund of the last budget which has been added to present allocation.There is nothing tangible in the budget to strengthen existing Public Sector Undertakings. For many of the proposals of the budget and for that proposals made earlier by Mr. Modi no allocations have been made. No specific proposals for revitalising the dwindling production sector.

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