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An Open Letter from XII Grade Student to the Indian Cricket Fans

Dear Fans,

Do you know what’s the problem with the Indian people? They want their cricketers to win the match which is against PAKISTAN or OPPOSITE TEAM in FINAL. They don’t care who lose or win in between. Believe me, these type of people are the worst kind. How? If you support a team then be with them till last, at least be honest with what you choose. When the World Cup started, when the players list came out, we started saying “Isse kyun nahi team mein liya, use kyun nahi liya etc” and we thought that India won’t make even to quarter rounds. The results, in which India won 7 matches in a row with full passion was unexpected and marvelous performance. Then half population of India started being jealous “India aise kaisa achha kar raha hai?”. They started having doubt of our own Indian Cricket Team. Now think about what other nations?

Losing one match in semi-final and you started losing your mind by blaming all cricketers? Not only this, you also commenced blaming the players’ girlfriend. Wow, really? Is this fair? The reaction given by fans after the lost was un-expectable. We are like, ‘Jab koi jeet raha hai to ho inki izzat karo aur jab hara ho to unhe dafa karo?’ When you can’t stand with them in their bad times, then you don’t deserve to celebrate when they win!

I admit, India is not best as Australia. But this does not mean Indian players are losers. They are trying to be best. All they need is our support and encouragement. We need to understand we can’t always win. I just request Indian people learn to respect the players who give it all to win. People, some matches are beyond victory, and in the Semi-final it was proven may be. You need to understand, players do have broken feelings too… more than their fans. When an actor give his audition, or a student giving his viva in front of few people… they tend to become nervous and lose their confidence. Then what will you expect from 11 players playing infront of millions of people? Virat and other players disappointed us, but that doesn’t mean one should lose mind, abuse them and leave the stadium, switch off or break the TVs.

It was Dhoni, who didn’t go home to see his new born child because he was busy to make their blue men shine, it was Virat who didn’t quit his game when he received a call that his father has passed away at the time when he was playing for his country at 19. Please, don’t judge a person without knowing him fully.

We should appreciate them in their bad and good moments. Please show some respect and more love. They need us, they need their fans. Show much love to them. We love you, we will and always love you. The result doesn’t matter but you guys really mean a lot to this country. It’s because of you, we rank at top 5th in World’s Best Cricket Team. We are really proud of you.

By Shagufta Mohammad Yamin

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