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“India’s daughter”, a meaningless opposition

Dr. Rameeza A. Rasheed for BeyondHeadlines

In this era of communication revolution, strangely, the Indian government believes that by banning one documentary “India’s daughter,” India’s image regarding treatment of women would be protected. 

In reality, whenever a book or film is banned, people’s curiosity is kindled to know about it. For that same reason I saw that film in U-Tube before it was lifted from it. The statements of Mukesh Singh, the rapist and of the two lawyers didn’t shock me, because worse statements have been made in the past regarding rapes in India by politicians who happen to be MLAs, MPs, ministers and an ex Chief Minister of a state and also by judges, police officials and by Khap Panchayats.

This document has academic value since, it is narrated through a simple format, crisply edited, and everyone’s views recorded without any bias and focused on its main theme. It covers all the aspects of the rape crime viz., the general mind set of even educated persons like the lawyers in the matters connected with women, the behavior of men when they are under the influence of liquor and brave heart’s fight for survival.

According to me this film should be shown in every college in India. It should be for part of sex education so that, the girls would have a clear idea regarding the unsafe environment in which they live and the mind set of not only rape offenders but also of men in top positions.

This understanding would help them to take suitable self protection methods when they enter into the outside world for education, job or travel. This film will make the parents think about the ways in which they have to mould the character and values of their sons.

In reality this film has paid rich tribute to the women of India through filming the narration of the mother, the angry reaction of young India, women activists, ordinary women and working women who rose in revolt against the barbaric crime Their prolonged protests, candle light processions and angry outbursts made the then government to appoint the Varma committee and made them to enact a new Law against Rape offence.

Through this film the world will get a chance to see the women power of India. India’s image was already dented severely when it is ranked 4th among the countries unsafe for women and when some countries issued guidelines to follow when their women travel in India. This film might help in elevation of India’s image a little by filming the use of the potentiality of women power against injustice done to the daughters of India. Nirbabaya’s case was only a last straw in the camel’s back.

The film maker would have chosen to produce documentary on Nirbaya’s case which happened in India to show case to the world the uprising of Indian men and women against a barbaric crimes committed on Indian women. This is the answer to those who repeatedly ask “Why a film on Indian Rapes alone?”

(The author is a Chennai based academic and a retired Professor of Economics with specialization in gender and Indian economy.)

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