Stone Throwing Vs Police Gunshots

East Delhi`s Trilokpuri Nine-9 Victims Cry for Justice

Rakesh Manchanda for BeyondHeadlines 

UntitledSuccess is a process. Sachin Tendulkar in the past while using the above stone throwing motivation after surpassing Brian Lara’s run tally in Tests demonstrated it.

As Delhi stakeholders let us transform the healthy Cricket anger and Public Pressure to perform well in daily Life.

Can Police achieve success against stone throwing in line with Tendulkar bad patch performance comment in the past ?

It is not important how much we value police, politician and public in such cases. How long we value power and its misuse with the same feelings is more important.

In my recent article on International Women`s Day, I had tried to sketch the future Delhi Police Public engagement possibility via self defence under new AK-67 government.

Media coverage of the nine gunshot victims testimony of Trilokpuri puts my above engagement anticipation upside down.

Police paying a compensation of 10.7 lakhs with one day salary to the nine gun shot victims stand appreciated. Efforts of a new image building in Police are findings supporters. Effective coverage on civil society empowerment still needs an insurance of better jobs to the drug users’ unemployed young minds. Illegal liquor and gamble environment still stand protected by Police-Politician bribe hungry Nexus in Trilokpuri.

Allow the gun Shot Victims to speak

Trilokpuri recent joint meet called by Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isaee (Christian) Ekta Committee chaired by Riyazuddin Saif & Tilokpuri Nagarik Prena Samitii to exhibit 5 gunshot victim story spills a lot more.


Ashish Kumar (21) was injured in the riots and lost his right leg in surgery was given Rs 3.5 lakh in this police compensation.


Chetan has been discharged from the hospital the bullet is still lodged in his spinal cord as doctors couldn’t take it out.

Young fifteen years old boys took pains to narrate how the gun shots pinned them down when they were trying to hide and dodge the stones. Streets were littered with stones and smashed glass bottles. Five cars and two ATMS were also damaged
Leg injury victims were given Rs 25,000 and those with bullet injuries were given Rs 1 lakh and above. An angry father wanted to return the police compensation cheque of Rs.25000/- as he had spend more then Rs.55000/- on his son recovery. Praveen (28 yrs.), one of the nine victims, explained how the riots are over but scars remain.

Stone and bottle throwing by mob under panic and fear was mis-reported as angry for a provocation excuse by Police on those three days-23rd-26th.Oct-2014.Police FIR points out how the constable fired in self defence using the service revolver.67 arrests were made. Clashes left 70 injured, including 56 policemen.

The hard working daily wage class according to Rakhi Gupta since Diwali night Oct 23 suffered when clashes broke out between Hindu and Muslims over a petty issue of a firecracker bomb burst in someone house.

Conflict management habits with dialogue in Jan Sunvai rather then use of stone-bullet driven pressure remains the prescription of Trilokpuri Nagrik Prerna Samittee.

Dipak Dholakia a concerned alert citizen stressed on the citizens unity.

Parents must stop and keep a check on their kids was the view of a RSS activist whose son was a victim.

We had been asking the Delhi government to compensate the victims for long”-said Rakhi Gupta of Trilokpuri Nagrik Prerna Samitee.

List of grievances are different in East Delhi with Trilokpuri. Here the well to do not want to trust the poor Jhuggi dwellers who are alleged to be the users of drug, country liquor and unemployment all qualified for riots.

Locals in Trilokpuri complain that young ones picked up stones to settle the communal tension fanned by politicians to polarise votes.

Middle class Vs Poor Daily wage Earners

Firing pattern to control a communal clash that left nine injured now pits the middle class Vs the poor wage earners in a Pubic dialogue.


Why communal riots pattern continues in Trilokpuri ?

At times middle class suspects daily wagers and even labels them as possible trouble makers. Beat constables who use this as an opportunity to earn bribes are there to profit. Interestingly are the same set of voters who are not ready to run their daily works without maids, drivers, plumbers and vegetable vendors- all reside in nearby slums. Few daily wagers caution my findings with their old reasons as to why according to them the oral contract workers should be never be made permanent. What is missing to explain is why they have failed to be the wise masters to monitor and motivate productivity at worksites via servants. They also fail to understand as to how can the rapes and chain snatching and robbery stop when under Delhi Government and MCD schools the contractors are free to collect signed salary of school guards fixed at Rs.10,252/- but in actual the worker is given only Rs.5000/- per month.

Can we have a crime free drug free, bribe free police public engagement in Trilokpuri ?

Police argument in public and private remain same that they need better guns, water cannons, rubber bullets and better tools of communication.
AAP help lines now are getting ready by the new government but are unable to provide local trained trouble shooters and vanguards in time. Police objectivity with no preventative plans stands lacking.

The challenge remains for a good governance delivery. Vishal Singh an AAP legal cell & juvenile activist promised coordination with AAP top decision makers.

Need of the hour is to consolidate locals to build mohalla samatti to collectively control the emergency troubles. AAP Seva teams needs to work on a uniform Swaraj format and evolve a guideline mechanism for fire fighting with better organisational handling.

Newer and better Delhi is bound to bounce back in near future with a possible Swaraj-Self Rule or Peoples Raj instead of Police Raj.


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