Stop Painting AAP Leaders in Helpless Tears

Rakesh Manchanda for BeyondHeadlines

AAP it seems is upgrading itself from a Boys Club tag to a Cry Baby Cry Crutch.


Delhi votes had voted AAP to become a Baap-a Father and certainly not to behave like a weeping baby.

AAP must seriously come out of Baby Cry-“Do not ask me Questions”-Mode.

AAP discipline stick holders love to call the party an infant.

Tears Vs Tears-A Marketing Format ?

Tears shedding is an essential human quality to show the honesty and hard work. At times the hard work is for self and less for society.

Tears may not teach us how to add love or minus hate, but it gives us every reason to hope that every problem has a solution.
Anna Movement produced several comrades from Kiran Bedi to Arvind Kejriwal who could not stop tears in Public.

How will the competitive tears of Arvind Kejriwal and Yogender Yadav rolling on camera help the pending services in Delhi ?

Instead of utilising the opportunity given by the Delhi voters it is sad the AAP decision makers today are dodging the real questions and indulging in tricks and are showcasing past tears and sobs.

Stop showing AAP Leaders Helpless Tears rolling down instead of work Transparency. There is no harm in a transparency via minutes of PAC meet to the volunteers, supporters and donors of fund. How the political decisions are taken as requested by Mayank Gandhi and Admiral Ramdas needs immediate attention.

People are interested to see their Nagar Sevaks stand united, stop the blame game and perform.

Papa Do Not Preach!

AAP boys in power after elections must grow up and show some maturity.

Why should there be a gap in preaching and practicing?


AAP must stop collecting funds after AK-67 Delhi win and start delivering after putting the house in order.

Fund collectors must remember that Arvind Kejriwal is one of the few leaders who had guts to expose the inside story during 49 days AAP rule. According to Arvind Kejriwal there is no shortage of funds in Government but what is the short is the will to serve the people. This needs a local foot solders to deliver as this is a face to face mission where the mass communication tools fail.

Top AAP power boys must understand that Implementing Swaraj and application of after sale services is not a flyby night operator business. It is a different ball game that needs different shoes and a different mind set. The goal is to transform the service to make the real masters win.
The limitations of the election mode format is that there are few decision makers and rest are followers. If the follower refuses to be blind and does not want to go for rally he is called a lazy worker .

Delhi wallas are the real masters, tax payers and voters and fund providers. People have a right to see the `Disha and Dasha`-State and direction of the political command and funds controlled by Political Advisory Committee.

What the media expert AK loyalist team forgets to tell the AAP supporters is that they are fine tuned only to deliver an election win. Swaraj delivery is impossible without the inclusiveness of life experts and those who do not have a tag of election win. Already after the AK-67 win, the giant sale team has disappeared while the local `Lillyputs` with weak organisations are left to serve.


These are the same set of AAP decision makers who are ignoring the recommendations of Rtd. Navy Admiral Ramdas the independent ombudsman or internal Lokpal of AAP.


For those readers who missed the finer details of my past articles on why can see why inner democracy in AAP is good for its health.

Allow Safe Transparent `Holi` Colors & Democratic Air in AAP Politics

Text link of the AAP internal Lokpal Admiral Ramdas letter by following links is also enclosed.

Full text: Admiral Ramdas writes to AAP leaders urging them to be ‘together and united’

It will suicidal to experiment the politics of divisions, humiliate the old players and remove the time tested old assets of AAP.

AAP strong decision makers must not divert real roots and reduce the voter’s serious hope to –A party with tears and a sob.


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