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AK-67 Ideology : Is it Original or Opportunist?

Rakesh Manchanda for BeyondHeadlines

Arvind Kejriwal (AK) today is the star leader and honourable CM of Delhi having a brute majority of 67 out of 70 MLAs.

Allow me to apply reverse social engineering and recollect my 2006 capacity building workshops. Before my departure to Africa, Arvind Kejriwal was my neighbour and a Aam Aadmi.

We used to share the same car from East End Delhi to reach RWAs as far as Rohini and DU. My presentations used to be on Jal Swaraj while AK religiously promoted RTI process.

(Courtesy: The Hindu & Manjul)

(Courtesy: The Hindu & Manjul)

In early months of 2006,while driving, I shared Arvind that how the National Newspapers refused to publish my enclosed write up as follows on Baba Ramdev Business Analysis.

The said article was later placed here:


AK attention as a clever leader was calibrated on my above article. He was cautious and refused to be a signatory to any Pamphlet or a movement for minimum wages anti-Baba. AK excused himself by saying that as he was on study leave and was blocking his official post in Income Tax. Another comfortable excuse of AK at that time was that he would not support any political movement although the RTI movement in India itself was a political one.

On Lokpal Draft to AAP Lokpal Kicked Out with a crash landing :

While I was in Africa, I came to know that AK is now a different person. He is more courageous, had less excuses and is a signatory to Baba Ramdev letters to PM.

Media release, titled, ‘Baba Ramdevji writes to PM on various scams’, in 2010 said a lot : “In a letter written to Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister, a group of citizens led by Baba Ramdev have demanded setting up of an independent investigative and prosecuting agency. Other signatories to the letter include Anna Hazare, Arch Bishop Vincent of Delhi, Mallika Sarabhai, Swami Agnivesh, Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Devinder Sharma,Prashant Bhushan and Justice Tewatia. This was the core team that formed the IAC.

Later as mentioned in my article title: No Work-No Pay needs to be applied from PM to Peon…. link as under AK was forced to resign in IT and pay a penalty of approx. 9.5 lac rupees in 2011.

Though Kejriwal was only a signatory to Baba Ramdev’s letter then to PM, he claimed or gave an impression he had drafted the text and not Prashant Bhushan. Letter`s text was a reproduction of Kejriwal’s own autocratic thoughts on the need for a single anti-corruption body.


AK-67 today is now again a different person. He is unable to share as on what charges he removed the AAP Lokpal Admiral Ramdas. He is unable to justify his two roles one as CM and other as National Coordinator in spite of his no response to any email letters and appeals of victims of Government high handiness since past two years. Even PM Modi and Mrs Sonia Gandhi never tried to occupy two positions in their political parties wherein AK it appear like in IT study leave Punishment case will later shift blame and say his colleagues and peer pressure(ps read my above article) forced him to continue to occupy a double responsibility.

It is a fast emerging fact that like Baba Ramdev opportunist hob nobbing in 2004-5 with Naxal & RSS, Arvind Kejriwal is also using the same tactics to a short cut success under the false tag of Original ideas. Past links of AK-67 past slogan `Modi for PM and AK for CM` along with Baba Ramdev and Menaka Gandhi are sketched in this write up link discussed above.

Arvind Kejriwal honest stand alone now with new followers and bouncers in AAP is a weak supporter of unorganized workers minimum wage and Human Rights.

Is AK ready to help and guide build a movement that AAP Members should not be labelled as Sevaks or Volunteers or Blind Followers in Political/Religious/Business gatherings?

AK-67 has still to clear his post victory stand on Mukesh Ambani pending FIR.

My crude thoughts in shape of an old craft is as follows:

Mukesh Ambani’s ‘Pol Khol’ Costs AAP its Government


AAP Top professional team must halt their witch hunt and stop asking ordinary members and harmless sustainable change makers like me to resign from AAP primary membership as AAP belongs to many and not few.

My best wishes to AK and his cronies for next five year rule in Delhi.

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