“Do not corrupt my food” -World Environment Day Tag

Rakesh Manchanda for BeyondHeadlines

Let’s express. Open our hearts. Poll minds and celebrate a Safe Environment Day.

Ego kick

Put it simple. Biodiversity`s first essential step is consultation with the environment. Yes! `Consultations` in its worst collective form is fast disappearing from the daily adulterated work norms. Most of us out in India see a simple Ego tussle between PM Modi via Lt. Governor and CM-Delhi in day to day governance. At times the state food safety regulators and politicians with Ego are caught sleeping. Public cries-“Do not corrupt my food”. Year old blocked Maggi Mess with corruption appears. Suddenly State Governments wake up and ban two minutes noodles with Lead and other salts found dangerous above permissible test levels. Divorce with environment and corruption or contamination in water and air are blamed equally by experts. For those who missed this story can check in link…

Transparency War Puts Both Brands -Maggi & Modi in Hot Soup

Ego Vs Nature-Chain of Survival

Eco or Ego

Sharing with consultations for biodiversity on a larger canvas is life. In India they tag it as a dream of Swaraj Ecology. A fair rule for All. Sharing is as essential for us as oxygen and carbon dioxide for our life partners called `trees`. Lord Buddha is said to have enjoyed sharing the information while identifying the truth with air, with the tree, the forest, the flora and fauna-towards a new living.


Diversity Via Religion is the World of Show Biz.

Why Hindu-Muslim-Christian Divide

Team Consultation on Being An Indian is a trick by 1% decision makers : Try separating these two flowers as above on basis of Sunshine, Shade, Oxygen, Food, Water and Human Exclusive Fashion called Religion ?

A Race where the World`s Life is trapped. Grip is of 1% Human Greed. Who does not want to win? Set up in rules is cleverly designed to fix the win for few and a race for all.

Situations are created. World’s No Entry Zone with flaura and fauna are becoming profitable. Result? The world in the past 40 years has lost a holistic friend-Biodiversity-the hallmark of humanity.

Survival Vs Biodiversity?

Biodiversity Cartoons

Because our interest for the treatment of disease is profit for few and misuse resources is increasing much; so Prevention is not taken.

Jungle is a tussle booty for smugglers and poachers in nexus with Ministers in Africa as well in Asia.

Statistics are saying that we as global citizens have lost a third of the nature of the calendar in the last 40 years of a Race.


State of Ganga survival after Yamuna is a matter of concern. Bhagalpur Reserve is crying for protection. The number of species in tropical areas has decreased by 60 per cent.

Need Vs Greed-Why Benefit only Few?

Ego War

Need for accumulation at the cost of biodiversity motivated our ancestors to keep the `development batteries` charged. From `self` to the `society`. Survival, growth and the legacy of tradition cannot be understood without sharing. Sharing and accumulation cannot be freely understood, unless seen together as a natural part of the common tradition for human survival in Biodiversity. Only sharing and enlightenment can connect responsibility and interest. Those who enjoy the brain-body holistic sharing continue to enjoy living.

Safe Corruption free Biodiversity remains a profit for all and an Ego for few.


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