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Open Letter to Media about Irregularities in IIMC

The IIMC Executive Council members spoke vocally against the conspiracy against me and sought quashing of the September 29, 2011 vindictive and illegal order at the EC meeting on July 2, 2015. (Secy I&B-cum-chairman was the spoilsport).

Eminent editor, Mr H K Dua, forcefully said that the order needed to be quashed immediately as gross injustice has been done by the then chairman Raghu Menon (also then I&B secy) and director Sunit Tandon. He also called for reinstatement of Prof Sarkar. Mr Dua opposed the setting up of any committee. He said that the EC had erred and the EC itself should correct its own decision.

The two faculty members on the EC – Ms Sunetra Narayan and Prof Raghavachari – also forcefully said that there was no requirement for a committee as the action itself was conspiracy and vindictive to oust Prof Sarkar. They also wanted that the action be immediately quashed by the EC.

But secy I&B and chairman, Mr Bimal Julka,  doggedly tried to protect Raghu Menon and Tandon. He said, “It was not nice that a previous chairman (since he is also from his IAS fraternity) is undone by a subsequent EC.” He forced the decision to have a committee, which would give report in a month’s time.

Apparently the entire procedure was vitiated by the secy-cum-chairman.

In reality, IIMC itself has reportedly found that the so-called legal opinion that Sunit Tandon had sought was not from its legal counsel. The supposed lawyer was a rank outsider and had given his so-called opinion on lines dotted by Tandon on pieces of papers that were not signed by that lawyer. It was also noted that normal judicious procedures were not at all followed.

As such the decision of the secy-cum chairman against the wishes of the house to set up the committee is once again illegal and seems to be in continuation of the part of the conspiracy hatched by Menon and Tandon.

My fervent request to you is to kindly intervene and have the order of September 29, 2011 quashed now itself, Prof Sarkar reinstated and ensure minutes of the EC meeting be recorded honestly. A committee later can be set up to pinpoint the masters of the conspiracy and for action against them.

I am indebted to you for all that has happened.

My final request to you is to take it to the logical conclusion and have this EC record the decision of the quashing of the vindictive order. (The EC has the power to record the minute in proper legal perspective}. Secy-cum chairman forcing a decision on a democratic discussion and decision is illegal and seemingly with motives that is ultra vires.

PS : It is apparent that the vindictive action was taken for his association and to deny him promotion and other benefits.

By Prof. Shivaji Sarkar

(Sr. Journalist)

Course Director (HoD), English Department, IIMC.



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