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All rather than Just Child P0rn Sites should be Banned


Ever-increasing domination of western culture on Indian society is mainly responsible for increasing crime-rate especially sex-related crimes. Much was expected from present government to save ancient Indian culture from western domination. Many foreign agencies are funding several Indian non-government-organizations (NGOs) and others in India to act against Indian culture. Fast increasing network of p0rn sites being viewed by Indian viewers is one of the main reasons for increase in sex-related crimes.

Indian government should take firm stand to block all porn sites for Indian viewers by taking up the matter with Google and other foreign servers. India being largest consumer-base for imported goods, has dominating power to pressurize foreign servers to do so, because they are minting enormous money from Indian market.

India has the brightest base for manpower having knowledge of Internet Technology with most foreign companies including even Google utilizing Indian brains for their flourishing business. Indian government should urgently start working for creating its own Indian server like China has done. It will also be in tune with Prime Minister’s ‘Make-In-India’ concept. If India can have its own ‘Mangalyaan’ with much-much less cost than produced by advanced countries, there is no reason that Indian can have its own sever where Indian government can have its direct control in tune with requirements of Indian needs, tradition and culture.


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