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An Open Letter to Asaduddin Owaisi…

Dear Naaeeb-e-Millat

                                                               Asssalam Alaikum,

There were some reports in Gujarat based some leading newspapers recently that All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) headed by you is likely to contest the local elections in Gujarat scheduled in October this year but it is now almost certain that your party may not be fray at least in this local elections in Modi’s homeland.

As a registered political party, your party has right to fight election anywhere in the country. It is widely known that AIMIM has high political ambition and it wants to expand its political clout from Hyderabad to other states of the nation. we saw your party’s performance in Maharashtra and now you are in Bihar and may go to UP, and West Bengal in coming years. But here as a citizen of Gujarat,I want to write something to you as your party is very much keen to spread its wings in Gujarat.

Though as a journalist I talked with you some days back on phone. At that time,you clearly told me that at present Gujarat is not under your radar but you are in need of some good people who can launch MIM in PM Modi’s home state. But local media reports speak other story that MIM may contest local election in Gujarat.

Anyway,in this context, As a Gujarati Muslim, I want to ask some Questions to you. Sir, As you know you that Gujarat is laboratory of Hindutva, Don’t you think that AIMIM presence in highly polarized State would further vitiate the atmosphere for Minorities particularly Muslims and Dalits? Have you any special plan to uplift minorities of Gujarat who are in sorry state at all fronts– educationally, economically and socially ?

After 2002 riots, neither you or your brother janab Akbaruddin owaisi visited Gujarat to see the pain of riot victims.why?Though you and you brother always raise Gujarat riot issue in public meetings. You spoke loud talk about 2002 genocide and fake encounter of Mumbai girl Ishrat jahan in parliament—the temple of our great democracy .After 2002 riots in Gujarat, many Muslim youth were falsely framed and charged and sent to jails, why you or your party kept mum, never came to represent these youth in legal battle in courts? what efforts not made by AIMIM at fight tooth and nail in court of law for legitimate rights of Muslims.

Gujarat is a state where saffron outfits like VHP, Bajrang Dal and others are always threats to minorities and now under new government of Mrs. Anandiben Patel, these launatic elements are getting stronger and stronger. One thing is clear that AIMIM is helping BJP knowing or unknowingly as its presence in Gujarat or any state will divide Muslim votes and further polarization of votes on religious grounds.

In Gujarat, Congress is in deep trouble and there is no hope for revival in near future. MIM may get some seats in Gujarat but will not be in a position to rule. For AIMIM, Congress is not untouchable. In past it supported Congeress from outside when UPA government was in Centre. To stop BJP, MIM should enter in electoral understanding with secular parties all states. It is well known how effectively MIM can split minority votes and helped BJP to get simple majority in Maharashtra.Same script will be written in Bihar, UP, WB and Gujarat if such dynamics of politics and vote share continue

As a Gujarati Muslim ,I humbly tell without mincing any words that Congress has always used Our Votes and did nothing to uplift state minorities, Dalits ,Adivasis, and other marginalized section of society but At the same time, I want to bring attention that now more polarization will advantage only Saffron party. Gujarat Muslims have suffered lot in past. now we want to progress. We do not want to remain under threat of loonies of RSS and its other outfits. so it is high time to weaken such elements,so we have to strengthen secular parties’. Perhaps, MIM cannot win a single MP In Gujarat on basic of Muslim voters. it has to expand its based to Dalits and other secular Hindus. According to a survey, that out of 520 seats maximum 8 seats can be won by Muslims on their own numbers.

Before signing off, I once again humbly tell you that at present political situation in the country is delicate. It could turn anti-Muslim, if the BJP feels that it is losing ground, especially in Bihar. In Gujarat 30 years ago (1985), the anti reservation movement involved upper caste attacks on Dalits. But once the RSS realized that Dalits will slip from their hands, they turned that agitation against Muslims. A similar development may emerge with MIM. It may help the BJP in Bihar, by taking away Muslim votres from Nitish Kumar. It may also help the BJP by taking votes away from the Congress in Gujarat civic elections. All the BJP has to do is to create a communal situation in the two states. so please do not help BJP knowing or unknowningly. May Allah SWT Save our beloved country from political uncertainty and imbalance .people like you can play very effective role to save secularism and Constitution.


Abdul Hafiz Lakhani.

(The writer is senior journalist of Ahmedabad, Editor of Gujarati fortnightly GUJARAT SIYASAT and general Secretary of ALL INDIA MILLI COUNCIL, GUJARAT chapter.)


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