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Owaisi is an Alternative and Hope for Gujrat Muslims

A  journalist from Ahmedabad , written an open letter to Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi which is politically motivated and full of misleading  information. Reply to that letter by Mohammad Kaleem Siddiqui

Dear Hafiz Bhai

AIMIM is a political party which has same rights as given to BJP, Congress and other political party. They can spread their units anywhere in India. I want to clarify that a group of more than 100 Muslims and dalit youths gathered at Sarkhez Roza to discuss scope of MIM in Gujarat and decided to invite Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi to attend a seminar in Ahmedabad but some people including you diverted the issue towards civic body election which is going to be held in October.  But here as a citizen of Gujarat,I want to reply you on as you told that AIMIM’S presence in Gujarat vitiate atmosphere for minorities and increase the polarization. I want to ask you how Modi’s led BJP won all the 26 Loksabhaseats during 2014 election if there were no polarization?

I want to correct you regarding your question on visit of Owaisi brothers after 2002 riot. At that time Mr. Salahuddin Ansari the then member of Parliament was party Supremo. He sent a delegation of doctors to Ahmedabad with medicines and other necessities. I know a doctor named Dr. Mohammed Yasir who did MBBS from Hyderabad and MD from Aligarh Muslim University who was part of that delegation. Mr. Salahuddin provided 21 lakh for riot victims who were living in relief camps.

You are right. Mr.Owaisi raise the fake encounter issue of Mumbai girl Ishrat Jahan in parliament—the temple of our great democracy. Can I ask why no any Congress or BJP MPs raised the issue of fake encounter?

As you know that I am connected with the families of Muslim youths of Azamgarh, Gujarat etc. who are in Jail since day one when they were arrested. I am the person who went to Ahmedabad crime branch to meet Muslim youths who were under custody of police in 2008. Who provided first legal aid to them? You don’t know anything except media headlines. This is not a topic to discuss through press or social media. You are required to do some homework before any allegation.

You are wrong that saffron outfits are strong in Gujarat. There is only a fearful atmosphere among all religious communities which is created by both congress and BJP.Do you remember,last year some anti-social elements belonging to saffron outfit were provoking Muslims by hatred speech on social media and other media. I filed a petition in the Hon. High Court against police discrimination. Hon’ble High Court issued a notice to police commissioner to act accordance with the law and police did so. We need struggle against injustice. Please do not demoralize Muslim youths.

You know that Congress is in deep trouble in Gujrat and there is no hope for revival in near future. If so then we should move on another option. Gujrat Muslims are looking towards AIMIM as an alternative with hope.

As you told that MIM will split Muslims votes and help BJP. This is only a phrase created by so called secular front. Who split secular votes in last Loksabha election? There were no any Muslim political outfits in Gujarat. Despite that BJP is ruling in Gujarat since 1995. Now Gujarat Congress doesn’t need Muslim votes to please Hindu voters. Congress shifted their party officefrom Muslim area Khanpur and kagziwad to satellite area. GPCC leaders feel that Muslims are ‘vastu dosh’. Therefore they want to get rid of it.

You are wrong that RSS turned 1985 anti-reservation movement into a Hind-Muslim riot. Ruling party congress did that malafide act.

Now I want to ask some questions from you.

  1. What do you say on 1969 communal riot under Congress regime in which more than 3000 Muslims were killed in Ahmedabad?
  2. What will you say about ‘disturb area act’ which had been passed by Congress govt. in 1985? Due to this act Muslims are ghettoized in Gujarat and suffered basic needs like water supply, drainage etc.
  3. Why only Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi raises voice against these discriminatory laws?
  4. Why only Mr. AsaduddinOwaisi raises voice against religious conversion law of Gujarat?
  5. Why only Mr. AsaduddinOwaisiraises voice against Garbage Mountain in Muslim dominated area?
  6. Why only Mr. AsaduddinOwaisi raises voice against inhuman killing of Mr. Ehsan Jafri (former Congress MP) by saffron mob during post Godhra riot.
  7. Why Metro line has stopped just before Juhapura in Ahmedabad which is dominated by Muslims?
  8. Why Gas pipeline does not pass through Juhapura and state transport bus route diverted from Juhapura to satellite after 2002 riot?
  9. No any party is ready to raise Muslim issues in Gujarat?
  10. Why Shailesh Parmar (Congress MLA from Muslim dominated Danilimda Vidhansabh) has demanded that Govt. should file an appeal in Supreme Courton acquittal of all the suspects including Mufti Abdul Qayyoom in the Akshardham temple attack. Hafeez Bhai, why you never written any letter to Shailesh Parmar?

You are a journalist from Ahmedabad, you must be knowing to a Congress leader who helped Narendra Modi and Amit Shah to get clean chit by SIT.

Who is responsible for Hashimpura massacre in which 42 innocent Muslim youths were killed by PAC.? And what is your opinion on Court hearing and verdict on the same?

Write a letter to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi on Yaqub Memon, who has been hanged despite surrender to Congress Govt.


Mohammed Kaleem Siddiqui

(Writer is an Ahmedabad Dalit-Muslim activist and journalist, Editor of Urdu fortnightly TARKASH and convener of ALL INDIA MILLI COUNCIL, Ahmedabad chapters.)

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