Temporary Layoffs of FTII Contract Staff Deferred by One Month

FTII Press Release

The FTII has decided to defer the break being given to the 82 contract staff by one month. Instead of temporary layoff being effective from today the layoff will now be effective from 1st October 2015 if the strike is not called off. The Institute position regarding booking of the contract staff is as follows:

“There is no justification for booking the staff since no activity including classes, projects or productions are happening. The layoffs are happening purely because all activity at the institute is suspended due to the continuing strike”. It is purely the strike that led to the layoffs. I would like to state that as Director I have nothing against them and the decision was taken due to the audit objection. However in view of the extraordinary situation that developed and a student going on hunger strike I had to intervene. I met the student and the contractual staff and told them that I would try my best to do something to defer the decision. After consultation with the Ministry I have also decided that the contract staff issue would be placed for a final decision before the GC (which is the empowered body) in a months time. This decision I have conveyed to the staff in the evening today.

In view of the difficult situation that came by I would appeal to students to reflect over their decision to keep continuing the strike as it could cost somebody his livelihood. I sincerely hope that this decision contributes to building an atmosphere where in talks between two sides could take place

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