Bureaucracy is the Real Culprit!

Adv Sachin Godambe for BeyondHeadlines

You can fool all people for some time but you cannot fool all the people for all of the Time.

The reason behind reminding this great sentence is Sanatan’s claim of being innocent even after Comrade Govind Pansare’s alledged attacker Sameer Gaikwad had been picked up by the Maharashtra SIT & his close associate Rudra Patil (Absconding in Margaon-Goa blast case of 16 Oct 2009) said to be one of the attackers whose face is matching with the suspects. One officer disclosed on condition of anonymity to leading Marathi daily that they have got inputs about Rudra Patil & they will arrest him soon.

Rudra is among four absconding in the Margaon blast along with Sarang Akolkar alias Kulkarni, Jaiprakash Hegade (Anna) & Praveen Limkar. Interpol had issued red corner notices against these few years back & one of these alleged terrorists (Sarang Akolkar) was also found by Goa Police to be involved in Pune’s German bakery blast of Feb-2010 which was carried out by brahminist elements (protected by their masterminds into the IB & Media) to divert the Margao blast probe towards an completely innocent boy Himayat Beg. Then sessions judge Neeraj Dhote, who awarded death sentence to Himayat should be dismissed from the service immediately & should be chargesheeted & prosecuted for framing a completely innocent boy Himayat into this case without any concrete evidence. Officers probing this case should also be arrested & prosecuted immediately.

Sarang Akolkar alias Kulkarni was very active in Pune and had contacts with saffron partymen in Pune. He had also organized Press conferences in Pune. But later when his name was involved in Madgaon blast, all went tight lipped like they do not know him. Just 3 months later to the Madgaon 2009 blasts, to divert attention from this incident, Pune’s German Bakery blast was carried out. As happened in many such cases, Goa and Maharashtra Police had almost cracked this case and involvement of Sarang Akolkar alias Kulkarni in Pune’s German Bakery blast has been unearthed by the Police. Then ATS chief KP Raghuvanshi had to admit to the media that Sarang is also on their radar for German bakery blast. (Not to forget, Raghuvanshi is one who is close friend of Col. Purohit and often involved him for into many activities of ATS)

But like many other cases, IB swung into action and taken this investigation into completely reverse track and framed an innocent Muslim youth into this case also.

These culprits in the Police & intelligence bureaucracy should be booked under stringent UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act) along with Sanatan’s alleged terrorists & its head J.B. Athawale.

Ex. Maharashtra CM Pruthviraj Chavhan had said his Govt. had forwarded proposal to ban Sanatan to the center but it was not acted upon when P Chidambaram & Sushil kumar Shinde was Home Minister. First such proposal was compiled & sent to state govt. by then daredavil honest Jt. CP of ATS, Hemant Karkare when he found Sanatan’s involvement into Thane, Vashi & Panvel blasts. State govt. forwarded it to Union Home Ministry which sent it to the IB for technical approval. As we know IB is totally controlled by brahminists, it rejected this proposal. Shinde or any home minister is nothing in front of IB’s Veto Power.

Our country’s system consists of Parliament, Judiciary, Bureaucracy & Media. Out of these four pillars, Bureaucracy is the most powerful & real culprit behind almost all of the problems before country. Our citizens should understand that Chief Secretary of the state is more powerful than Chief Minister (without cabinet), Home secretary than Home minister, Collector, SP, CP, Jt. CP, Deputy Collector are more powerful than MP’s or MLA’s of the district. Similarly country’s topmost bureaucrat Cabinet Secretary is more powerful than Cabinet ministers. Bureaucracy & Cabinet are two wheels of the Govt. but practically bureaucracy had become more powerful. Cabinet is not competent enough to control the bureaucracy. Only leftist communists can able to control them because of their clean image & true willpower.

Therefore to save our country from such anti-national bureaucrats, & anti national organisations like Sanatan, Bajrang Dal, HJS, RSS, HRS etc., we need massive administrative reforms into Civil, Police & Intelligence bureaucracy to make them accountable to the Parliament & public in large. IB should be immediately brought under Parliament’s control & under CAG audit for probing misuse of its funds & Resources.

Ex.PM Vajpayee once had said in the Parliament that Shivsena is more dangerous than terrorists. I would further say Sanatan is more dangerous than Abhinav Bharat (who is behind almost all the blasts in our country in last few years) though practically both are two sides of same coin because of the venom it is spreading in our country via its cultural terrorism.

The dossier made on Sanatan by then ATS chief Hemant Karkare, later by Rakesh Maria & by Goa Police should be immediately made public so that their true face can be exposed. There have been many cases where young girls & women are hipnotised & kept in various Sanatan Ashram’s like Panvel, Varanasi & Ponda (Goa). Possibility of their sexual exploitation & then blackmailing cannot be ruled out. There is urgent need to raid all these places, free all of the hostages being brainwashed, prosecute these anti nationals & close all these ashrams.

Investigative reporters Rana Ayyub & Alka Dhupkar had exposed many shocking terrorist links of Sanatan on which Maharashtra & Goa state Police must act together rapidly. According to reports, Police have evidences of Sanatan Sanstha’s purchase of explosives & arms. It recently admitted giving arms training to 15 in Valpai forest. Who is funding Sanatan Sanstha & its publication Sanatan Prabhat (known for threatening openly) also needs to be probed thoroughly.

Sanatan’s involvement in various blasts rightly pointed out in above piece. But it was only because of the daredevil, honest then ATS chief Hemant Karkare whose transparent investigations led to these arrests. Karkare was exposing Abhinav Bharat’s nationwide terror network during Malegaon 2008 blasts investigation based on 3 Laptops seized from Col. Purohit and Dayanand Pande, which was not investigated later after his killing by ‘Brahminist’ forces. These Laptops need to be investigated in depth to bring out nationwide ‘real’ terror network.

(Author is a Freelance & Investigative Journalist)

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