`Holy` Cow Needs Protection -Lord Krishna or Modern Neta`s?

Rakesh Manchanda for BeyondHeadlines 


Folk tales in India point out Krishna`s stealing habits of milk butter and his romance with flute music.

Lord Krishna in Vrindavan was a cow follower and an effective shepherd.

Neither the Indian beef eaters nor the political flute players and beef exporters know that cow was the teacher for Krishna the shepherd.

Cow has a natural ability to search emergency herbs after snake/scorpion bites. This is only possible if cow is allowed to be her own daily `google search` leader for emergency herb medicines.


Music and freedom to graze is believed to help increase milk output by `mother` cow.

This means the cattle monitor should be a follower more than a guide as cows/cattle/goat graze will help identify medicines which may be used even by humans.

Approximate 11 Kms. Lush green grazing ground for a desi cow helps increase milk output as recommended by the experts.

Sad today we find Cow with lesser milk or no milk blocking India`s traffic in the middle of the road as correctly put by `The Hindu` cartoonist.

Cow at crossroads

Desi Cow in distress and confusion appears to block issues while sitting at Crossroads with No education of majority Indians on how to overcome this situation peacefully.

Hers is a well accomplished sense.

As put simple by Dr. Leena Gupta-Scientist in her Gujarat Cow field study.  She explains with evidences on how her cows diet study during mobile graze helped to identify dozen of species of Galacto-gauge rich plants-that increases lactation.

India stands tall with no pride of a major beef exporter with no Public awareness on this issue.

How many Hindutva activists who promote cow as a holy mother know this fact that India Exports Beef?

Fewer know that beef India exports is mostly from Buffaloes slaughter houses as Indians eat mostly buffalo beef.

Beef export chart

Why as a Mother?

Cow is meek and modest and never demands water for Bath unlike buffaloes who need ponds & water bodies for better output. This fact puts Cow behavior as mother rather than bully brother or sister.

Mutton Vs Daal Vs Survival?

Let us be true!

Why cannot a hungry fisherman son catch a fish free of cost or eat meat when Dal is as high Rs.200 per kilo.

Why cannot Modi Sarkar produce and export daal at a lesser cost instead of importing it ?

Gujarati hoarders and black marketers continue to make money by importing Arhar daal at Rs.55/- per kilo from Africa.

Hunger Vs Dharam

There is a need to increase Cow utility and cow milk in India with links to holy Life of dependents then to hate fellow Indian beef eaters in the name of Dharma-Religion.


Daal continues to cost Rs1.50 per plate in Parliament Sansad Canteen rate list as above.

56 inches of chest pride stands reviewed by cartoonists after Dadri Murders by fanatics.

Modi Ji 56 inch pride possesion

Blind followers spread hate and prefer to apply short cut to kill the beef(buffalo) eaters. Majority Hindus want to live in peace while dreaming of Krishna following Cows and learning more about herb medicines.

Holiness in a cow has taken communal vibrations. Under a government of the silent selective Hindu Right, beef is no more one of the proud items on the dining table.

Olympic champions worldwide continue to point out how beef eating enhances the skills and stamina.

It is part of religion shop of fringe and hate flute players in India.

Silent Netas continue to fight for their chest and nose or for while innocent get killed or are left to eat Dal at whooping Rs.200 per kilo.


How Brazil manages both beef Cow eating as well as Best milk Parlors?

Gir in Brazil

Look at this majestic cow in Brazil, named She-Ra.

It clocked 62.033 litres of milk in a 3-day milk competition at the 40th Expaja in Brazil, beating her own past record of 59.947 litres.

This belongs to the desi Gir breed of Gujarat.

If Brazil does it why can`t India?

In 2015 Brazil with cow beef export is going to beat India in buffaloes beef export and milk parlors?

Need for Cow Centric Economy-Awareness

Dr. Divender Sharma agro Scientist and activist recently wrote in his FB: “newspapers in Punjab reported that an American company — World Wide Sires Ltd — is planning to provide high quality semen to dairy farmers. Some days back, I had heard that the Kerala minister for Animal Husbandry was thinking of importing some improved cattle breeds from Denmark for cross breeding with local cows.”

Such actions need more support from the government engaged only in hate monger protection.

Indian Political Chessboard needs transparent and educative moves:

Make in India

Unfortunately the ‘Holiness’ of the cow is been eclipsed by Human blood. The lynching of an Indian Muslim and more murders by a frenzied mob at a village in Dadri in Uttar Pradesh in the name of ‘holy cow’ is a map of the revival of Hindu orthodoxy and return to medieval political Brahminical values.

Sample a quote of Swami Vivekananda as put forward by writer and activist Prof. Ram Puniyani.

Speaking to a large gathering in USA, Swami Vivekanand had said:

“You will be astonished if I tell you that, according to old ceremonials, he is not a good Hindu who does not eat beef. On certain occasions he must sacrifice a bull and eat it.”

As the cow bounces back in the religious and political routes of the country, the above quote by a mentor and philosopher of Hindutva by the RSS, clears the cobwebs and cooks an interesting thought-provoking chew.

See a link what Mahatma Gandhi said to those who wanted beef banned in India.

What Mahatma Gandhi Said to Those Who Wanted Beef Banned in India

Narendera Modi = 2C=Congress + Cow

Aam baat

This equation in Hindi media is put forward by Arun Shourie.

Equation needs a modern reframe:

India Roadblock= Lord Krishna Favorite Cow+ Beef+ Export-Dal Import+Peace+Hunger+2C +Swami Vikekanand +Survival+ No Awareness.

Awareness with peace and tolerance can only help make India grow faster.

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