Fast & Furious Twitter War & Expensive Drama today in Delhi after CBI Raid Puts Public as Loser

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CBI `unfair` & `unclear` raid today on CM Office Delhi including 14 places of his principal secretary possible `hide outs` brings more blame game on twitter and media bites.

CBI FIR has seven names

CBI mischief remains exposed by its own FIR that has seven names but CBI raided only Rajendra Kumar.

Arvind Kejriwal dramatic defense to protect his favored Secretary appears punctured by several loyal AAP Volunteers who blew the whistle on the alleged corrupt style of functioning. See the enclosed letter of 27th.Dec-2013 of one such volunteer as follows :

We are reproducing an email sent on 27th December 2013 by a Swaraj Abhiyan volunteer to Arvind Kejriwal regarding his officer Rajendra Kumar. Immediately after the email was sent, the volunteer Mr. Om Prakash was called by Kejriwal and was disdainfully scolded for writing to him. The reaction by the newly elected chief minister of Delhi came as a surprise to him.


———- Forwarded message ———-
From: O.P.Chauhan <[email protected]>
Date: 2013-12-27 13:23 GMT+05:30
Subject: Rajender Kumar IAS
To: [email protected]

Aap se niwedan karte hue aapki jankari me lana chahta hu ki aapne jis waqti ko mukhya savhiv banaya hai ye waiqti (Rajendra kumar ) IAS, san 2003  me siksha nideshak ke pad par the tab is waiqti ne sheela dixit ke bete ( Sandeep Dixit ) ke saath mil kar ek “Computer Company” banai aur siksha vibhaag ko karoro rupaye ka choona lagaya aur woh aj tak bhi jari hai jabki “computrised” ka kaam  sarkar ki (NIC) ko nhi diya gaya aur computer vibhag ke sabhi waiqti apni jaan pahchaan waha baitha diye, krpa is pe jaanch karai jae, aisa na ho ki jis imaandari ke ped pe aise bhrasht IAS baith jaenge to wo ped hi na sukh jae.

apka ka agyakari
OP.Chuhaan, Rz 2802/31 ( AC – 49 sangam vihar )

Allegation on Rajender Kumar

Hot Twitter War & Expensive Drama today at tax payer`s money started today in Delhi after CBI raids early morning and seals CM Secretary Delhi Cool Office.

Arvind Kejriwal blames Modi Sarkar and puts Defense Minister Arun Jaitley-DDCA scam file as sole reason for this raid while Modi Government is clearly caught in misuse of CBI to settle scores.

Delhi War between two elected VVIPs shall sustain but final loser is the Public.

Let us understand some unmeasured Public Loss as follows:


Both Arvind Kejriwal and PM Modi cheated original LOKPAL and made their team weak by removing original honest volunteers who demanded clean fair transparent power to the people.

Both were updated by their volunteers about Corrupt ministers and volunteers while both kept their eyes and ears closed.

Modi sarkar is silent on Vyapam and Lalit Modi scam that involves CMs of Rajathan, Madya Pradesh including Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj hobnobbing with Lalit Modi.

Both dictators wear `Chokidaar of People` mask to allure voters and continue to keep system corrupt.

Both CM Kejriwal and PM Modi today depend on expensive high salaried Ministers to help them plant an issue & then firefight it.

Both Arvind Kejriwal and PM Modi spend crores of tax payers to promote their private visions and image building management.

Enclosed chart of Modi Sarkar profit on one single product oil is just a tip of an iceberg in the cruel Public money loot.

Oil Loot

See recent articles via link…

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Aap Sabka Baap

This Public money on propaganda is spend to divert the attention from Original Jan Lokpal-2014 which wanted CBI to be a free autonomous body and never a slave of Government.

Those readers who missed the details can see the Lokpal 2014 & 2015 comparison via link which promised to control CBI misuse…

Lokpal Transparency Battle Puts Original Lokpal Crusaders in Police Detention


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