Swaraj Abhiyan Volunteers Illegal Detention by Delhi Govt. Speaker Reminds of Shaheed Bhaghat Singh

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Delhi the cool Dil-Heart of India is re-engaged with a new Jokepal Vs Lokpal buzz. New mask gets exposed with every sip of a warm chai.

Issue of a public `Terror` called `corruption` and its remedy via Janlokpal is not a new chat in people`s politics in India. Collective desire for this solution was at its peak during Anna Movement.

Later the Anna Movement with Swaraj, Lokpal and anti-corruption movement gave birth to the Aam Aadmi Party.

Recent twist in the story remains that many honest supporters of Lokpal later found that their supreme leader was walking in Adolf Hitler boots after a big win.

Let us Zoom our eyes at the Delhi Vidhan Sabha for a hot update missed by media.

Swaraj Abhiyan Volunteers illegal detention on Dec-2nd evening by Delhi Govt. Speaker reminds of Shaheed Bhaghat Singh style of campaign.

Young cadres adopted and reminded Shaheed Bhagat Singh style to bring awareness on the Original Janlokpal in Delhi Vidhan Sabha with 70 Delhi MLAs.

Bhagat Singh

As a parallel to the plan of Indian Independence Legendary Bhagat Singh team to enter inside the British India assembly and distribute pamphlets with a bomb explosion to make the arrogant Gori Sarkar listen the four young change makers from Swaraj Abhiyan met the MLAs peacefully inside the Vidhan Sabha to campaign.

Swaraj Volunteers with Delhi MLAs

MLAs were offered the soil in pots of Ramleela Maidan as a souvenior which was accepted and appreciated by them.

Comparison charts of `Anti corruption Bomb` in shape of the Original Jan Lok Pal was also distributed. For those who missed details of Lokpal Vs Jokpal can catch the details via link…

Lokpal Transparency Battle Puts Original Lokpal Crusaders in Police Detention

It is highly unfortunate that AAP Sarkar who championed Delhi power via Corruption free People`s movement are corrupted today by power and greed to gag freedom of speech.

Swaraj Volunteers detained

Result? These change makers were detained as criminals and threatened.

See How AAP Rs.520 crore strong Propaganda Machine spins the truth like ordinary political party…

Speaker Delhi Vidhan Sabha ordered Police yesterday even to detain these volunteers on false excuse that they were trying to attack MLAs by throwing Ramleela Ground `dust` on them.

Why Ramleela Maidan`s Soil & not `Dirt`?

Ramlila Maidan Soil

Soil in India has religious sentimental roots and a tradition to bring a change.

People pick up the soil of the mother land to take a vow for a good cause.

Swaraj Abhiyan honest press note against AAP arrogant bulling and brazen misuse of power stands meek and modest with a memento this soil of Ramleela grounds.

Swaraj Abhiyan victims were harassed and detained with no valid reason by Hon. Speaker Office.

Chief whip of AAP Jagdeep Singh abused and threatened to pick up their (Swaraj Abhiyan) leader Yogender Yadav from his residence and teach him a lesson.

Desh bhakt Bhagat Singh Quote

Media Camera person from ABP News who wanted to cover this anti-democratic flash point on the street was also bullied as per reports.

The appeal of Swaraj Abhiyan in this background to the 70 MLAs is to vote against the pending and delayed Lokpal Bill. This is as per their moral voice and not under any party dictates and high command whip.

jokpal protest rally

Lokpal anti-corruption movement which got a `Second Independence Movement` tag in the past is now gearing back alive in streets with candle march strangely with the old demands.


Press conferance of Anna Hazare & Prashant Bhushanji at Ralegansiddhi

Delhi dreams of Corruption free India needs another round of people`s alert support to smoke the devil out of the powerful rulers.


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