Which Star Rocks & Connects Public Out of Trouble?

Rakesh Manchanda for BeyondHeadlines

AK Kamal Haasan-Changemakers or Promoters-1

Indian Public dependence on few stars to shoot trouble is an old collective habit.

Narender Modi , Arvind Kejriwal, Jaya Lalithaa, Amitabh Bacchan, Salaman Khan and more are few such stars that rock public.


Allow me to pick a tweet on a serious #Chennai Flood Tragedy.

Kamal Haasan the Bollywood -Tollywood heart throb & many more in distress point to an open secret:

“Entire system has collapsed and rich powerful have failed.”

Kamal Haasan further tweets with emotions -“It’s a nightmare for the poor and the middle class. The rich should feel guilty. I am not so rich and yet I feel guilty when I look outside my window and see how people in my city are suffering.”

See how Chennai Flood has a crazy & dangerous connection with leaking Kejriwal Delhi Lokpal in this new craft with link…

Delhi’s Janlokpal Bill & Chennai Floods – All A Tragic Mess

Real Vs Reel Life Heroes: 

Chinnai flood hero

The saying goes that a hero is tested in the real life while community trouble shapes up new battery of real heroes.

(Photo Courtesy : PTI)

                                                                     (Photo Courtesy : PTI)

Why smart stars including CM-Arvind Kejriwal,PM-Modi,CM-Jai Lalita &VVIPs look up to pray and support ?

They all are busy spending Public money on self promotional agenda.

These mega stars remain silent on leaks like Vyapam Scam, Lalit Modi Scam, `Original` Lokpal -2014 and so on.


PM is busy rocking NRIs and foreign investors who help their farmers in WTO deal but are still not investing in India.

Back home farmers and `desi` Public stand in trouble.

Foreign tours of PM

Thanks to the Media caricatures social media messages as follows:

AAP Jokepal Joke

Flood & Mega star and Tamil Nadu CM support official plan :


Tax payers fund support of CM Tamil Nadu is distributed selectively with her Photo as an essential rider :

Chennai Floods & CM support

Public Anger towards stars accumulates as follows :

Make the old cities workable with a friendly holistic drainage systems.

Back in Chennai-Do we remember IAS officer Vijay Pingale?

He was Transferred Away From Chennai Corporation.

Reason ? He was honest and promoted transparent Corporation working

He Warned About ‪#‎ChennaiFloods in advance as put by Indiatimes December 2, 2015.

Smart City Connects & Disconnects:

Smart City Connect & Disconnect

For success or failure in safe management a leader must have an alert original team without any blind followers.

Salman Khan Vs Arvind Kejriwal Vs Acche Din ?

False promotion of powerful leaders own posters and self agenda fails and will not work for long.

An old link to support story shows as to how `star` CM-Arvind Kejriwal takes a U-Turn on Nitin Gadkari case and later compromised.

This article has a coverage of false company scam with fake address like in ongoing the Arun Jaitley Cricket scam.

Poll Khol: Nitin Gadhkari’s Anti Defamation Case on Arvind Kejriwal

kejriwal-rain sppech IE

No loopholes and no missing links can only ensure a leak proof `umbrella` and protection.

Hero Vs Team :


People have to re-invent new heroes as team players.

Used ones prove to be a zero in real trouble shooting test.


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