‘I Don’t Need a Certificate of Nationalism from RSS’

By Maharashtra MIM MLA Imtiaz Jaleel

Freedom of expression’ -An article in the constitution of India which gives me the right to express my views and opinions. (even if the views are against the government)

Today in the assembly when legislators from the ruling party and opposition went all wild just to make us say a slogan so that they get a proof of us being patriotic.

I’m making this clear once again I have never disrespected any slogan and as a matter of fact I did not think that there would come a day where the nation would discuss issues regarding what slogans to chant.

Now you all may say that this was sparked by barrister Asaduddin owaisi as to what he said in udgir Maharashtra. But please go and listen to his full speech, he said this in context of Mohan bhagwat’s comment against JNU students. (Let me remind you that we stand in favour of the students and their fight for ‘azadi IN India’ I repeat ‘IN India’)

Waris Pathan was suspended because all party mla’s wanted him to get suspended but this was truly unconstitutional as there is no evidence of Waris Pathan saying anything on record.

(The majority cannot be right all the time)

Coming back to what slogans I should chant.

I really wouldn’t mind chanting slogans that I’ve always been chanting since my childhood on independence/Republic days.But when a man in khaki shorts thinks that whatever he blabbers would be accepted by anyone and everyone in the nation has to get it in his head that he is WRONG. (Soch badlo chaddi nahi)

I agree that he has a strong influence on the government but I’m sorry because until and unless B.R Ambedkars constitution exists I will abide by it and I shall practice my freedom of expression. ( I suggest you all to do that as well )

Plus I don’t need anyone’s certificate to tell me about my nationalism.

I LOVE MY COUNTRY… I Don’t need to prove it to anyone.


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