Vasai orphanage forcibly converts students to Christianity, starves and beats girls to make them nuns

By Akela

AKELA Bureau of Investigation (ABI) has blown the lid off shocking happenings at the Handmaids of the Blessed Trinity orphanage and convent in Vasai after an in-depth sting done by an undercover woman reporter. Now, another shocking finding is that the orphanage is involved in forcibly converting its own students to Christianity.

ABI’s undercover reporter Seema Creado found that the Handmaids of the Blessed Trinity orphanage and convent in Vasai is converting its own students to Christianity. Despite being minors, the girl students are forcibly being made nuns.

Seema Creado came to know this through her daughter Tricia (14) in May 2015. Seema admitted Tricia in Vasai’s Sapodiwadi Madi Naka but one day she called from Formation House in Giriz area in Vasai (West). She said that the sister gave her a white saree to wear and forcibly made her study the Bible. Seema inquired with other girls and found that the sisters were forcibly converting girls and making them nuns despite it being illegal. As per law, a minor girl cannot be converted and made a nun.

Shocking happening

Seema came to know that around 12 girls were forcibly being converted to be made nuns even though they were not ready for it. The girls belonged to Jharkhand and Orissa. The girls’ parents had admitted them in the Jharkhand and Orissa branch for better English speaking ability, but without their consent the girls were transferred to Vasai. Seema was also informed that Vasai-based sister Eliza had transferred Rs 50,000 to one Father James’ bank account in Orissa, for which the reason is yet to be known. One more shocking news was that one of the girl’s father was a Naxal operative in Jharkhand.

On January 1, 2015, all girls created a ruckus on the school premises as they were fed up with the sisters’ physical assaults and oral abuse. They were starved for days and beaten mercilessly for failing to recite Bible passages. The girls were forced to consume buffalo meat and “paraded” before potential donors.

The girls tried to flee from school. After valiant efforts by Seema, they were sent back to their homes by train.

“Twelve girls were forcibly being made nuns, including my minor daughter. One day girls created ‘Hangama’ in school and tried to flee. However, I spoken to the sister. I convinced her and the girls were sent back to their native places through train,” said Seema. (Story Courtesy :


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