Vasai orphanage sisters force Muslim girls to eat pork, tell them police will rape them if they lodge complaint

By Akela 

AKELA Bureau of Investigation (ABI) has blown the lid off shocking happenings at the Handmaids of the Blessed Trinity orphanage and convent in Vasai (Palghar district, Maharashtra) after an in-depth sting done by an undercover woman reporter. Now, another shocking finding is that the orphanage sisters forced Muslim girl students to eat pork. The sisters also threatened students that if they go to the police station they would be raped by the officers there.

ABI’s undercover reporter Seema Creado found that at Vasai’s Handmaids of the Blessed Trinity orphanage and convent, the sisters, who form the management of the institute, forced Muslim students to eat pork.
ABI’s damning reports on the orphanage.

On April 19, 2016, ABI published the first article under the headline ‘ABI undercover reporter exposes Handmaids of Blessed Trinity orphanage and convent in Vasai as a living hell’. On May 5, 2016, ABI published second article under the headline ‘Vasai orphanage sells ‘students’ for Rs 20,000 to faraway church’.

On May 15, 2016, ABI published a third article under the headline ‘Vasai orphanage forcibly converts students to Christianity, starves and beats girls to make them nuns’. On May 24, 2016, ABI published a fourth article under the headline ‘Vasai orphanage sisters sip wine and champagne, but for students it’s rotten and decayed food’.

Three girls who are siblings (name withheld by ABI as they are minors) who also studied in the orphanage shared their bad experience there. They said that on several occasions local resident sent leftover food from wedding ceremonies or other functions to the orphanage. Often pork was sent. The sisters forced the Muslim girls to eat it. If a girl refused to eat it, the sisters would order senior students to forcibly put it in her mouth.

‘Ye janate hue ki hum Muslim hain sister jabardasti pork ko hamare munh me dalwati thi,” said a student.
“In our religion if any Muslim person takes name of pork, his mouth remains desecrated for 40 days. I am very shocked to hear that sisters were forcibly putting pork in our daughter’s mouth,” said the mother of a student.
The students also said they were forced to wash toilets, pots, clothes, rooms and the terrace. If any student refused to follow the orders, the student was penalized between Rs 10 and Rs 100, sometimes even made to sleep in the toilets. Once when students refused to eat rotten and decayed jam, they were not served food for seven days as punishment. They remained alive only because other students shared their food with them.

According to students, sisters Eliza Barreto and Tresa and manager Paulette always used “bastard” word for students. “Chhoti si galti par sister hamein pair se marti thi, baal pakad kar sar deewar se takrati thi, bastard, chhakki, nagin, harami, kutiya jaisi galiyaan deti thi. Ek din hamne fungus lage jam ko khane se inkaar kar diya to sister ne saat din tak hame bhookha rakha,” said a student.

One of the students threatened that she would complain to the police. An angry sister said, “Jao jao complaint karo. Police station gayi to police ladkiyon ke saath rape karti hai.” One Inspector Sampat Patil attached to the Vasai police station often visited the orphanage to gift biscuits to students. Sisters would point to Patil’s visits to tell students that they could all see how close the police officer was to them.

If any NGO gave cash rewards to students for their good performance, the sisters would snatch their cash reward. One of the students told ABI that once she heard that sister was telling a donor that her students called boys inside her bedroom for sex. Sisters were also discriminating between students. They were giving good clothes, good food and gifts to Christian students only.

Sisters were forcing all become nuns. To convince them, sisters would say your parents are beggars, so they threw you here. They are prostitutes. If you go outside your parents will make you prostitute. Your mothers are maids. They will make you a maid. Be a nun. We will make your future. One day seven students fled from the orphanage and recorded their statements. But the Vasai police failed to take appropriate action. (Story Courtesy:


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