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MCGM’s Improvement Committee Chairman Modak frames RTI Activist Krishnaraj Rao in false molestation case

By Krishnaraj Rao

Mumbai : I am issuing this press release today because I have been summoned on phone by the Wadala Truck Terminus Police Station, following a verbal altercation with BJP Corporator Ujwala Modak (Chairperson of Improvement Committee of MCGM) at the office of Deputy Registrar’s (K-East Ward) PB Satpute. Ms Modak was representing the newly-elected managing committee members of Nandan Apartments in Jogeshwari Station. My argument with Ms. Modak was, why was she at the Deputy Registrar’s office? What legitimate business does a corporator – an elected representative — have at the office of a Deputy Registrar? Why was she speaking on behalf of the managing committee on a matter concerning the total disappearance of society’s records? Was she fronting for the builder, Tanna Realtors, who has not performed a jot of work for six years, ever since he got MCGM’s IOD approval? Why was this corporator entertained by the cooperation department officials in this case, when she did not even have a letter of authority from any of the society members?

During this argument in the presence of Mr Pagare of Cooperation Department (who was officiating on behalf of Mr Satpute , who was absent), a society member named Mrs Rajashree Pariyawala, who was seated far away from me (and not even in his visual field) suddenly started crying, and started alleging that I had made inappropriate eye-contact with her. Very shortly afterwards, Mr Pagare and the officials of Deputy Registrar’s office (022-24014339) dismissed the hearing by giving another date (28th July 2016) for continuation of the matter.

Earlier, during this conversation, I had exchanged phone numbers with Mr Ujwala Modak, and even sent her an SMS with his name and email id. Shortly after leaving from the Deputy Registrar’s office at about 4 pm, I received a call fromWadala TT Police Station (022-24036645) and was told to report there immediately as there was a complaint against me. Another society member, senior citizen Tukaram Sutar, also received a similar call on his mobile summoning him to the police station.

I am issuing this press release today at 7 pm, before I go to the police station to give my statement. Under these circumstances, I reasonably anticipate that a false case of molestation and related offences may be made against me, under the undue influence of NJP Corporator Ujwala Modak, who came and left the Deputy Registrar’s office with the society’s managing committee members. It is quite likely that after registering FIR, the police may abuse their powers to arrest me and put me in police lockup, and later judicial custody. A false case may also be made against Mr Tukaram Sutar (, due to the leading role that he and his daughter Pratiksha Sutar (9969302761) have been playing in opposing Tanna Developers owing to his non-performance.

Background material:

1)      My recent blog with details of the underlying Redevelopment issue:

2) The hearing before Deputy Registrar today was concerning this society, about which I issued a press release recently. Read press Release:

3)      Read hearing notice from Deputy Registrar’s office where Ms Ujjwala Modak was present:

4)      A lot of crucial documents regarding Tanna Developers and Jogeshwari Majithia society is uploaded here:

5)      Details of the police complaint filed before Jt. CP Crime and also Jogeshwari Police Station against Tanna Realtors and Managing Committee:


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