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JNU was never like this before!

Sarfaraz Hamid

Mahi-Mandavi hostel in JNU is going to elect their new hostel committee a day after tomorrow and many students are in the race for different posts. While campaigning for the post of mess secretary a candidate was allegedly slapped for his ‘religious appearance’ by his fellow resident, Mujeeb, in the hostel.

The candidate called as many as around 30 men and thrashed him badly. After this incident many students gathered there and locked Mujeeb in a room to avoid any unfortunate situation, and later he was produced before the wardens of the hostel.

On the way to the warden’s office he was communally abused and thrashed again. It should be noted that he accepted his ‘crime’ of slapping his fellow resident. Since the matter was now in the wardens’ court any further attack on Mujeeb should not have taken place. But he was abused and threatened for his life even in front of the hostel wardens and many residents. If he wasn’t escorted by his hostel mates he would have been lynched. Since noon, Mujeeb is ‘missing’ and nobody knows about his whereabouts.

This is very unfortunate that a particular organisation is trying to make it a communal issue which is not. Upset over all these happenings Mujeeb’s mother rushed to JNU today. Showing some medical papers she’s claimed that her son is not ‘mentally well’. If Mujeeb has slapped him then he must be punished but those who thrashed him badly should also be brought to justice.

(Author is a student of School of Social Sciences, JNU. This article is reproduced from his facebook post.)


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