Justice CS Karnan reveals names of 20 corrupt Judges in India

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Mumbai: In a startling revelation, Justice Chinnasamy Swaminathan Karnan of Calcutta High Court, has mentioned names of 20 ‘corrupt’ judges in his letter to Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and has urged him to take action against the mentioned persons.

In his letter dated January 23rd , 2017, Justice CS Karnan furnished the prime minister with “an initial list of corrupt judges”, and in addition, three other officers of Madras High Court, who he implied had detailed knowledge and proof of the corrupt acts of the 20 judges.

Justice Karnan asked for all these persons to be “interrogated by the officers of the Central Agencies” – probably referring to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

The judges named in his letter are mostly Justice Karnan’s former colleagues, namely:

1.     Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul, Chief Justice of Madras High Court and earlier, Punjab and Haryana High Court

2.     Justice S Manikumar of Madras High Court

3.     Justice V Ramasubramanian of Madras High Court

4.     Justice (Retd) Chitra Venkataraman of Madras High Court

5.     Justice (Retd) RS Ramanathan of Madras High Court\

6.     Justice RK Agrawal of Supreme Court

7.     Justice TS Thakur, who recently retired as Chief Justice of India

8.     Justice MY Eqbal (Retd), former Chief Justice of Madras High Court and Supreme Court judge

9.     Justice (Retd) FM Ibrahim Kalifulla of Supreme Court

10.                        Justice (Retd) Satish Agnihotri of Madras High Court

11.                        Justice (Retd) Elipe Dharma Rao of Madras High Court

12.                        Justice (Retd) KN Basha of Madras High Court

13.                        Justice (Retd) G M Akbar Ali of Madras High Court

14.                        Justice (Retd) Aruna Jagadeesan of Madras High Court

15.                        Justice V Dhanapalan of Madras High Court, with whom CS Karnan had a public quarrel.

16.                        Justice MM Sundresh of Madras High Court

17.                        Justice N Kirubakaran of Madras High Court

18.                        Justice S Nagamuthu of Madras High Court

19.                        Justice T Raja of Madras High Court

20.                        Justice M Sathyanarayan of Madras High Court


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