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New Delhi: Direct Create, a collaboration based community platform built to rapidly scale the Handmade sector, Thursday, May 4th announced that it plans to bring in an additional 1000 makers along with an impressive count of 200+designers in the coming quarter.  A move which is disrupting and redefining the business process environment for the Internet generation, that’s seeking a more sustainable and emotionally connected consumer eco-system.

“Direct Create is not just selling products but also celebrating the Indian artisans and the deep-rooted craft traditions. From exquisitely crafted textiles and apparel to wooden furniture or hand printed toys, Direct Create is connecting with the Makers and Designers to build India’s first online community of creators who can seamlessly work online and offline,”  DC said in a statement.

Direct Create is targeting area like Sanganer, Kota, Barmer and Sikar from Rajasthan, Benaras, Nizamabad, Moradabad, Bhadoi and Firozabad from Uttar Pradesh and Bastar, Chanderi, Bagh, Maheshwar, Dhokra and Bhil from Madhya Pradesh.

“While Rajasthan and UP are highly celebrated and visible in the crafts domain, there is an enormous layer of skilled craftsmen who do not enjoy direct access to market or connectivity with the designers. Direct Create seeks to bring significant impact in these areas and change the dynamics for the small and medium producers,” said DC statement.

“Madhya Pradesh, on the other hand, is under-represented compared to the real artisanal skills lying latent in the state. From the tribal painters to metal casters, there is an enormous opportunity that DC will unlock for the makers of Madhya Pradesh,” it added.

Rajeev Lunkad, founder of Direct Create said, “We have already set in motion Regional Affiliate program that’s going to bring in the spirit of entrepreneurship to hand producers and create a magnified opportunity for all.  For this round of member onboarding, we plan to hold road shows and rural camps across Rajasthan, UP and Madhya Pradesh. With a combination of direct connect and powered social networking, we hope to achieve this target and also set ourselves for a much more aggressive next quarter.”

“If one looks at the entire consumption ecosystem, there is a defined space for individuality versus uniformity. Direct Create looks beyond the easily available and mass market. Positioned as more than an e-commerce platform, Direct Create is pushing boundaries and working towards collaboration, co-creation and customization; a window to a world of infinite design choices and unlimited business opportunities. The executed list of Direct Create’s collaboration projects consists of a variety of B2B partnerships ranging from Interior Designing projects to Wedding Gifting projects, Hospitality to Corporate Gifting projects,” he added.


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