Pune CID Police probes Maharashtra Wakf Scam

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AURANGABAD: Acting on the directions of the State Home Department under Chief Minister, the State Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in Pune has started the probe in connection with the wakf land scam of Maharashtra.

The probe has been intiated under the supervision of Additional Director General of Police (ADGP-CID) Sanjay Kumar. The probe aims at preparing a detailed criminal dossier on some of the mightiest land grabbers of the country who had colluded with agents and organized crime syndicates and corrupt muslim trustees to gobble up the prime real estate of the country.

CID Chief Kumar said that the probe had begun and inquiry was on. Aurangabad Central MLA Imtiaz Jaleel had taken the state government to task and sought CID probe into the wakf irregularities and demanded the corrupt Maharashtra State Wakf Board in Aurangabad be made accountable to the state assembly citing that it was manipulating the law of the land and posed a threat to the democratic system of the country.

In May , Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis directed the additional chief secretary (home) and principal secretary (minority development) to take action in Kondhwa Waqf land scam, regarded to be the mother of all wakf scams amongst the government circles. Sources in the police department had informed that the Kondhwa Wakf Mafia was made up of the educated class of builders,mediapersons, investors, old real estate agents, big time investors who had no moral scruples as they had gulped property worth hundreds of crores for peanuts in absence of any regulation and oversight.

The legal department of the MLA has handed over the entire list of names of the suspects to the Pune Police and Chief Minister citing that they posed a permanent  threat to the muslim community and people who want back the wakf land for the muslim community.

MIM office bearers have sent details of all the illegal landgrabbers to each and every unit of the  party and all the muslim community leaders and workers from all parties citing that they were a highly organized group of people from strong backgrounds. The MIM has also accused them of resorting to use honey traps and womenfolk in their devilish work against the God fearing work of wakf activists. The legal team of MIM Hyderabad and Aurangabad has played a prominent role in helping investigate the Pune Scam, MIM officials from Hyderabad informed mediapersons.

MLA Imtiaz Jaleel said that the dangerous wakf mafia of the state will go to jail and they have been exposed in the eyes of the public. “ These are corrupt muslim trustees who are most dangerous threats of the community and the muslim agents who facilitates these crimes. They are the real culprits and we have been creating lot of public awareness about these real anti national and anti muslim people from the community who have grabbed the property of poor muslims. The community now knows them by their name and crimes as they were hidden from the eyes of the muslim community ,” he added.

MIM Revelations

Wakf mafia was the biggest culprit but manufactured fake cases and maligned muslims so that they are never caught.

Wakf mafia is single biggest threat to the muslim community as it is devilish and believes in framing and has no moral scruples.

Corrupt muslim trustees, agents and politicians are the chief promoters and protectors of the wakf mafia which is an invisible and permanent enemy of muslims.


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