Saleem Mulla elected as President of Maharashtra Wakf Liberation and Protection Task Force

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MUMBAI: Saleem Mulla was unanimously declared as President of Maharashtra Wakf Liberation Task Force WLTF), a legal umbrella body comprising of legal and wakf land experts fighting against corrupt muslim trustees, mutawallis, care takers  and anti muslim wakf  land crime syndicates in the district.

The other core committee  members are Shree Ashok Dabde, Gaus Tunis Shaikh, Siddhartha Valve, Saeed Ahmed, Imran Saudagar, Ismail Shaikh, Muzaffar Shaikh and Altaf Hussain. The committee is under direction supervision of firebrand brand legislator MLA Imtiaz Jaleel who has announced that Pune Wakf Land culprits however high and mighty will go to jail.

The task force  also comprises of leading personalities from education and academics, retired police officials, retired bureaucrats, retired police and income tax officials and senior army retired officials, who have formed a committee to deliberate on the wakf issues facing the community and carry out a mass awareness campaign to legally enforce the laws of the wakf  land and kick out builders and land sharks from the wakf land.

Mulla while address a gathering of mediapersons in t said that it was an honour to be chosen as the President by the core committee. During past thirty to forty years, nothing was done either  by a section of  educated and so called elite class who sat in the Air Conditioned halls and held the community ransom.

“They had money, power, resources and everything God gave them but they became selfish, arrogant, fascist, ultra capitalist and the most corrupt of the muslims of Pune. They could have easily fought the wakf land cases as they had legal and other working knowledge but they did not do because they wanted only themselves to grow and made the community as a slave. However, today they stand exposed and have proved that they are the biggest threat to the community,” he added.

Mulla further said  “We have already received calls and messages from over  lakhs of people in the state and and numerous support messages are coming from people across the country. The fight is against the organized mafia syndicate which is anti muslim and anti wakf and wants to eat the rich property of the poor muslims which we will not allow to happen at any cost. However, the task force will work closely with law enforcement agencies, state and union  government and ensure that the wakf lands are  legally returned to the muslim community in national interest,” he added.

Mulla said that the wakf terrorists thought that they will permanently escape by subverting the law during the past forty years but  am happy that  thousands of people have waken up and wakf movement is going to change the paradigm of thinking and a new generation will take over the corrupt, selfish and fascist, capitalist and fascist elite  muslims controlling the muslim electorate with an iron fist.

He further said that a handful of 100 plus elite fascist,  educated  and corrupt muslims comprising educationists, businessmen, retired top corporate employees and shameless politicians were mentally  controlling over 8 lakh muslims of Pune which he termed as the gravest violation of human rights. He said that a false narrative that the Wakf Land can never be returned the community and the nation was created by the elitist and corrupt muslims with lots of wealth who did not want the Pune Muslims to progress and had made them slaves for the past forty years.

Modus operandi of Pune Wakf Mafia according to Wakf Task Force

The blood thirsty Pune wakf mafia has policy of using corrupt government officials and filing false cases and spreading rumour and misinformation about the issues so that the real agenda never sees the light of the day. They are actively helped by a section of super rich and most corrupt muslim businessmen who operate under the name of kaum ke hamdard. These people who say that they are working for Kaum are in fact the biggest enemies of  Pune Muslims and have been responsible for their overall decline in the pasty forty years. They belong to the select elite educated group of muslims and have no regards for the poor and the middle muslims of Pune and have sold the community at all walks of life. The wakf land grabbers particularly the builders are the cheats of the highest order and must be booked for criminal conspiracy against the nation  and the community. The builders have bought these lands virtually at pea nuts and then sell off the flats to the gullible customers at skyrocketing prices. Awareness will be built in the citizenry that wakf properties cannot be bought and sold at cost in accordance with the law of the land.

Task Force Contention on Inam Land

The task force has maintained that  awakf land is often portrayed as Inam land by mutawallis and Kazi who are the caretakers of the land. Over the years, due to lack of awareness amongst the muslims, these caretakers started behaving like owners and lied to the people that the inam is for them and not the people. However, the inam land is the property of the muslims of that particular city community and not an individual. It was the duty of the muslim political class and education promoting class to create an informed muslim citizenry but they deliberately did not do this and pushed Pune muslims in the well of darkness so that never rise up and excel than them. It is unfortunate that for a population of over  8 lakh muslims in the city that a criminal gang of few hundred criminal, corrupt, cheats, thieves of wakf and community properties are holding them to ransom. This is because people have become selfish and self centred but they must realize that real enemies of the community are present at the top level who are exploiting and finishing the progress of other capable and good individuals in order to maintain their illegal and fascist control over the city muslims, the task force forum informed mediapersons.

Saleem Mulla further added “I appeal to all the communities of the city and the nation for the national wakf cause of muslims of  Pune as it  is  a major step towards national progress and development  and will legally put an end to the organised crime syndicate of thugs , criminals which can be called as the wakf mafia. Our investigations into the Kondhwa wakf land shows that it is the educated and elite class enjoying the luxurious lifestyle which has engineered the Kondhwa Wakf Land Scam. It comprises of  Editors of prominent newspapers, doctors, engineers, corporate professionals, leading businessmen and builders who deliberately bought the wakf land out of greed to earn more out of investing few rupees. We are sure that these reputed people with their fake cover will go to jail in the coming days. Lakhs of MIM workers and people from all the communities have pledged their support in this nationalist anti wakf mafia movement of Pune,” he added.The Wakf activists have demanded police security to be given to all the wakf activists related to Kondhwa Wakf scam.



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