Maharashtra Wakf Board is anti muslim mafia hub: MIM

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AURANGABAD: The Majlis E Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) party leadership in the Mughal City of Aurangabad has  alleged that the non functional and completely defunct Maharashtra State Wakf Board was one of prime centres of antimuslim mafia hub where Satanist muslims were at the helm of affairs.

The party activists further alleged that those  so called muslims  who have sold their souls to devils and atheist muslimwho don’t believe in the day of judgement and are against Islam from deep inside their heart but outwardly muslimlooking were behind the more than a lakh crore rupees land scam in Maharashtra. The poor and needy muslims will soon become the real inheritors of the divine wakf  wealth of Maharashtra due to the blessings of Allah, MIM workers expressed.

The party blamed the previous  muslim leadership of Maharashtra terming them to be foolish and slaves to the dangerous invisible cartel of hidden government officials operating from the State Minorities Department and atheist trustees who were the real enemies of muslims. The community has closed the eyes before such an important wealth running into lakhs of crores and concentrating on non issues which is resulting in its downfall, MIM leaders said.

However, the party was optimistic that for the first time in the history of Maharashtra , muslim activists were raising their voice against the hidden wakf mafia which contains the corrupt selfish trustees, selfish builders with international political links and crime syndicates. However, the party said that there was no need for the community to fear as the Satanist with muslim resemblance in wakf boards have been exposed to the core by the divine light of Allah.

Hyderabad MIM office bearer Amjad Ali Shaikh  said that Wakf was a defined national asset but muslims who had been fed with fear for the past fifty years found it difficult to even visualize that it can be liberated from the clutches of the mafia due to prayers and selfless work with the help of law. “ Muslim community in Maharashtra is slavish in its mentality and fearing about the repercussions. The reality is that wakf is government land and muslims must openly support all the wakf activists and movements so that justice is done to the poor and needy Indians ,” he added.

MIM office bearers further said that the biggest threat to the rise of Maharashtrian Muslims were the corrupt section of the muslims hiding in the form of wakf board trustees, police informers in the garb of maulanas, network of Satanist persons wearing the mask of muslims and spreading strife and hatred. The community  must focus on the wakf land ownership and will soon realize that it will become the richest muslim community of the states in the coming times, they added.

Complaints :  

The Wakf Board does not follow the constitution.

No CEO for the past six months and completely non functional making corruption as its lifeline.

It works for the corrupt , invisible, dark and evil , satanic people working in the cover of muslims in the board and minorities ministries.

Common and educated people have no idea of the secret functioning of wakf boards controlled by corrupt muslimofficials and  India’s money powers.

The money power, wakf mafia, corrupt officials, politicians are the permanent enemies of muslim activists and good people of India.

Muslims have been kept engaged in emotive issues and their lands have been taken away by the corrupt muslims.

Corrupt muslims are the biggest enemies of Indian muslims.

The invisible wakf mafia is made of educated corporates , lawyers, bureacrats in minority affairs ministry in Maharashtra, corrupt muslim elected representatives, educationists  and corrrupt muslim agents  who want keep the community in permanent crisis.


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