‘Muslim Education and Banking is in the hands of Corrupt People’

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Pune: The citizens of Pune, Maharastra and across India have demanded immediate arrest of educationist P.A. Inamdar in connection with the alleged demonetization scam and have requested the government to book him under stringent provisions of the Anti Corruption Laws of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

The civil rights activists said that rise of muslims has been curbed by the most corrupt educated muslims with fascist connections and money power who are the single largest threat to the progress and development of muslims in India.

The civil society members said that the disgraced educationist was involved in large scale manipulation of records in the bank and has been also accused to money laundering and falsification of authentic documents.

Bank Director S.M. Iqbal and Imtiaz Shikilkar have filed written complaints against him with the RBI and State Co-operatives Department demanding strict action against him.

They said “P.A. Inamdar has disempowered the Indian muslims and must be jailed along with his associated for misleading the nation and the muslim community. Their illegal occuption in bank, educational institutes and other muslim community organisations must be investigated by the goverment to give poor muslims justice,” said Imtiaz Shikilkar, an aide of former deputy CM of Maharashtra Ajit Pawar.

Both Shikilkar from Baramati and S.M. Iqbal from Pune have a demanded that Inamdar be booked under the strongest and strict provisions of the law alleging that he was the mastermind behind the large scale corruption in the bank and had caused loss to the nation and cheated the people of the country particularly muslims.

S.M. Iqbal told mediapersons, “This one of the biggest scams being forced on the muslim community which has been made a complete slave to Inamdar. For forty years, he has managed all the important institutions through bribes and corruption. The muslim community which believes in morals cannot be every represented by the most corrupt people who are controlling the community in the fake name of muslim educationist which is a big lie,” he said.

Adv. Ejaz Shaikh said “MCES society must also be investigated and the illegal control of muslim institutions must be brought before the eyes of the people. We have launched a nation wide signature campaign to expose the corrupt people who are destroying muslim community in the name of education for forty years.”

Iqbal also said that there are a large number of serious complaints against the accused and there is no proper investigation which has been done by the different government department so far.

“The proof against P.A. Inamdar and his aides is so strong and that it cannot be denied by any court of law and will ensure that he is dealt with law accordingly,” he informed the media during a conference at Pune Patrakar Sangha.

Maqsood Hussain from Baramati alleged “It is for 40 years that the muslim community has been mentally hijacked by Inamdar and his cronies. They are involved in many crimes and are have constituted an absolute dictatorship with the support from corrupt wings of the Government. The cartel does not fear the law and openly brag that law cannot do anything to them. This is leading to the creation of one of the most dangerous criminal cartels of muslims in the bank and the educational institutes they are running by fraud and deceit. Similarly, the accused and his henchmen have formed one of the most dangerous cartels which us using the name of community as a front to protect itself from prosecution. Fortunately, their crimes have been exposed and you will see all of  them jailed for very long in Yerawada central prison in the future,” he said.

The media office of P.A. Inamdar denied all the allegations and said that allegations were aimed at defaming the national reputation of the educationist who has fought against corruption and nepotism  for the cause of muslim community. “I will never allow corrupt and illegal practices of Shikilkar and Iqbal in the bank and legal action is being taken against them for misleading the citizens and creating panic in public,” he said.


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