Azam Campus Management deliberately denies big ground for Islamic Shariat Conference

BeyondHeadlines Correspondent 

Pune : The decision by Maharashtra Cosmopolitan and Education Society (MCES) Management under controversial educationist PA Inamdar not to give the big sports ground for Tahfuz-e-Shariat Conference on March 10 has created a major controversy with a number of   muslim organisations and city muslims alleging that the Inamdar and the management was anti-muslim and had used the community to achieve self goals of illegal money, setting up a dictatorship and eliminating the rise of muslim community and new leadership during the past 30 years.

MCES Society which runs the 23 acre Azam Campus education hub has earlier given the campus assembly hall with open mind to RSS ideologue Indresh Kumar, who is regarded as a master mind of Mecca Masjid Terror blast.

The campus management under Inamdar‘s leadership has willingly given the campus ground to all kinds of ideologies and surprisingly have always put brakes in giving permission  to muslim and Islamic programmes, a section of the organisers alleged.

SM Iqbal who is one of the bitterest rivals of PA Inamdar in a statement released to the media said “Inamdar is family member of RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat. His actions have always been anti-muslim and against the religion. It’s a shame that he has built the reputation on the money and faith of poor and needy muslims and conveniently exploited the community and finished his rivals through conspiracy, use of  corruptions and pulling levels with the corrupt government officials,” he alleged.

He also said “Azam Campus in Pune belongs to the muslims and is not a private property of Inamdar. A large number of women, small children and senior citizens attended the rally and came to Azam Campus to listen to Asaduddin Owaisi speech. Ruthless Inamdar had not compassion for the women and community and did not open the gates for the women to sit shows is inhuman, evil, dictatorial side and hatred for muslims and the new leadership which is emerging. How can such inhuman persons control the destiny of muslims is a big questions. The organisers too are silent and nobody is protesting against this inhuman assault on the community by the disgraced and corrupt person. His act is an insult to the muslim community and women and shows that this person has no regard for humanity,” he alleged.

The matter over opening the main ground for women folk reached a serious point when youngsters from the community said  that they themselves will break open the lock if the management does not open. “The current status of muslim backwardness in the city is due to silent and open dictatorship established with looted money of muslim community by the controversial educationist. The muslim community is doomed if they have agents like Inamdar who have destroyed generations of muslims through corruption and self aggrandizement,” said Altaf Shaikh of Bazme  Islah Baramati.

The muslim community has launched a social media campaign to spread the message that how one man who built the reputation in the name of the community was in fact its biggest enemy and eliminating all able muslims and not allowing anyone through his corrupt control over the muslim education institutes, he added.

Iqbal said that it was a shame that a corrupt person was controlling the the community when he should have been in the jail for destroying the community.

The controversial educationist is under investigation by CBI for demonetisation related scam and activists have demanded his immediate arrest citing threat to democracy. He has also been convicted for beating and he has abused parents who lost their children in Murud tragedy.  Muslims activists described Inamdars behaviour as a blot on the community.


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