Poona College Principal attacked by Externed Criminal Murga alias Farooque

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PUNE : In a dangerous incident which shows the sinister signs of criminals attacking the community academicians, a chopper carrying externed criminal named Farooque Shaikh alias Guddu alias Murga attacked Poona College Principal Dr Anwar Shaikh on Friday afternoon. The criminal, carrying a sharp weapon went inside the cabin in full public view and told Dr Shaikh that he will be killed if admission is not granted to his henchmen. Murga had come to get admission for some of his cronies in Std XI. Before leaving the place, Murga said that he will come again and teach Dr Shaikh a lesson.

However, Dr Shaikh is unfazed and said that his crackdown on the goondas and their crime syndicates who have control over the college for over 20 years will continue. “These people are the enemies of community and the nation. They want to destroy merit and promote corruption and nepotism which I will not allow at any cost. It is an attack on academic community of Pune by the crime syndicate. We want strict action as such people are dangerous to lives of good, sincere and honest citizens of the country,”  he said.

The College teachers who support Dr Shaikh said that a criminal mafia had always promoted corruption and illegality during past twenty years. Dr Shaikh has put an  end to this agent mafia allegedly supported by local politicians. It is high time that the Muslim community of Pune come out openly against these criminals who are the real enemies of the young students and promising academicians of the community. However a criminal does not belong to a particular community or religion but this criminal mafia from Muslim community has to be exposed to bring about the real change through changing such mindsets and ensure that good people run the college with professionalism. A section of corrupt Muslim professors are also secretly aiding this criminal agent mafia which is in reality anti Muslim and working for the destruction of the community. Such type of people are the real enemies of Muslim community.

Laskhar Police station officials where Murga has been booked under IPC 452,506(2),341,336,427 and 135, said that Murga has been a hard core criminal who was externed from the city and has a murder case pending against him. He has been termed as one of the most dangerous and blood thirsty criminals of Pune who was now taking active interest in academics to establish his terror. Investigators say that he was frustrated with the information that other gangsters were being admitted in the college and not Murga, for which he took the step. Academicians have said that his attack on Dr Shaikh hints at the end of the fear of law and order in the society and the rise of crime mafia in education.

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