Regional parties and NGO’s are true opposition to Fascist Juggernaut : Prakash Ambedkar

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Pune : Prakash Ambedkar, the great grandson of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar who was in Pune on Wednesday said that the Pune Police crackdown and raids at the residences of human rights activists, lawyers and journalists across Maharashtra, Telangana, Jharkhand and Haryana was the consolidation of  the rise of fascist state with smothering of all political parties in the country by the BJP-RSS regime. With no political opposition left, the government is now targeting the activists who are offering strong opposition to  the authoritarian regime which believes in absolute fascism, Ambedkar told reporters.

The political parties have  been smothered and paralysed beyond recognition and the opposition candidate Rahul Gandhi has been fixed by Modi. “The Congress party leadership has fallen into the Modi trap as it does not have the desired strength of face the Modi juggernaut. It is only the Non Government Organisations (NGO)’s, the activists, lawyers, media persons and regional parties who are  doing genuine work are now the real opposition to the government. The activists are working for the Dalits, Muslims, poor farmers, banking field, human rights, atrocities and other area to strengthen the poor and weak sections of India,” Ambedkar said.

“India is being gradually transformed into a fascist state with all its fascist tendencies getting manifested through authoritarian directives of the state. The terrorist  activities of Sanatan Sanstha and the Hindutva rightwing terrorism has been exposed which is why the activists and left intellectuals are being framed in false and fabricated cases.

Prakash Ambedkar in his reaction on Sanatan Sanstha said “The right wing terrorists  wanted to terror bomb about eight places in Mumbai which are thickly populated with seventy percent Hindus and thirty percent other communities. The dangerous plans  of the right wing is to disturb the law and order in the nation . The arrests of left activists is deliberate in nature and  carried out to deflect attention from Sanatan Sanstha’s involvement in anti national activities,” he told reporters.


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