Dear #MeToo Activists! I Doubt this Campaign will Stop Harassment

By Tafheem Rahman

Are you really believing that your naming and shaming going to stop harassment at work place? I doubt and I object if you are confident.

We made you believe that giving birth to a child and rearing the children is nothing but your born duty and in order to be equal to men you have to work in the factories side by side to men, we named it women empowerment. You cheered it. Did not you?

Your cheering led and initiated the harassment. You often enjoyed it or you acted indifferently. Did not you?

We made you work in flights in a sexy and provocative outfit. We designed the dress for you to be looked like the way we wanted, we named it women empowerment. You cheered it. Did not you?

Males are asking you to walk on ramp almost naked, we designed your dresses, we unclothed you in front of the world and camera. We named it women empowerment and you cheered it. Did not you?

You in the lust of name and to be famed cheated yourself, cheated your own soul. You allowed your male co-worker or boss to enjoy the casting couches to get job and you did not complain because it could have been hampered your fictitious glamour. You cheered it. Did not you?

If you really want to be respected then stop this attitude, stop giving consent to elope without the legal acknowledgment, stop using transparent dress designed by males so that they can see your body. They named it modernity and you cheered. Did not you?

Do men walk on road showing their sexual organs? No, they are not. Then who made you to walk naked? It is we. We named it modernity. You cheered. Did not you?

Let’s define your work, do not rush on the flowery words of men. But introspect.

You are a daughter, sister, wife and a mother. You are respected. Let’s think what kind of work you really want to do?

To be equal you are already doing your share of work. You are giving birth to a new human, you are rearing them, and now if you want to do any extra work you are capable of doing then you must not compromise with your dignity and protocols and the world must acknowledge it that you are doing more than men. There is no need to come down to be equal to men. You are precious and you do not need to judge yourself with the eyes of the world.

Let us not be fooled. Let us think. Let us lead a campaign for it.

(Views are personal.)

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