My Uncle Sexually Abused Me When I Was 12

#MeToo Movement against sexual harassment is taking a lot of space in the leading news portals, websites, newspapers and magazines. However it has largely engulfed the media and entertainment industry. Celebrities and high profile personalities are talking against sexual harassment but the voices of the marginalised women are still unheated. BeyondHeadlines has started a #MeToo Campaign to become the voice of these women who do not get an appropriate platform to talk against the harassment they face in their day to day life. We have received many emails regarding this. As of now we are publishing such stories with anonymous identity just to avoid their further harassment.

I was six at that time and was playing with a few friends. The game was simple. We had to go inside the play house turn by turn. With me was this teen-aged boy who was helping children to get out of the play house.

First round was great fun but as I completed the second one and got out of the play house, the boy inserted his finger in my vagina. Initially, I thought it was a mistake. However, after the third round, I sensed that something was majorly wrong and that I had to get out of it.

I got sexually abused for another time and this incident gave me a lifetime scar. I was 12, on the stage of attaining puberty. Now, this one was my father’s real brother. Yes, he was my real uncle and one of my favourites. He used to treat me with candies and I loved his attention. He came back after becoming a doctor from Russia and was a very well educated person that way. 

So, the incident happened when I asked him to give me some money for my candy. He asked me to accompany him to the room upstairs. So, I followed him and went to a dark room without even thinking once. Then he asked me to give him his wallet which was lying on the table.

After a while, he made me sit on his lap and hugged me, I hugged him back thinking he was impressed with my behaviour. However, I felt great discomfort when he tried to press my breast which was not even developed yet, then he came over me and started putting his tongue in my mouth. I did not like it and made him stop by pushing him backwards with my fragile hands. Since I resisted, he stopped. Running, I came out of the room with a feeling I never felt before and I knew my life can never be the same again.

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