All Corrupt Waqf Board Officials Must be Handcuffed and Jailed : MLA Imtiaz Jaleel

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AURANGABAD: MLA Imtiaz Jaleel has demanded that First Information Report must be lodged against all the corrupt waqf board members saying that they were the most dangerous criminals operating in the garb of waqf members who are in fact the real enemies of the community.

“The waqf board members are a part of the organized crime syndicate. They consider that this muslim waqf board property is their Baap ki Jagir  (Father’s property). The waqf board members have created a high image of their own selves in the society which is fake. They are highly corrupt and we want to see them behind the bars. The FIR which has been registered against them must be taken forward and I will raise the issue in the assembly. They must be handcuffed and jailed”, he said.

The All India Muslim OBC organization and Tehreek-E-Auqaf, an organization fighting the organized waqf mafia of Maharashtra made up of criminal trustees, mutawallis, absolutely corrupt waqf board officials, corrupt ministry of minority affairs lower bureaucracy, had requested the government that FIR against the board members was the only solution to end the waqf mafia which was controlling the government and working against the constitution of the country.

A number of waqf cases investigations have been delayed as the corrupt revenue department officials, waqf board officials and Ministry of Minority Affair officials were hand in gloves in the crime against the country said Muslim OBC organization. 

The Maharashtra Waqf Liberation and Protection Task Force, another nationalist waqf organization from Pune said that corrupt revenue department officials at Pune District Collectorate were working against the nation and citizens by becoming partners in waqf crime.

“If the revenue department officials are co-operating with the waqf mafia and helping them against the citizens, imagine what they might be doing with all the properties under the jurisdiction belonging to different communities. The revenue officials and their superiors are the biggest mafia of this state and they all are needed to be handcuffed and put behind the bars by the court and police. They cannot escape the law”, the organization stated in its media conference. 

MIM waqf team of Pune said that Kondhwa Waqf land mafia was connected with most dangerous criminals cum murderers with international links backed by huge money powers and blessed by politicians from previous government who are the anti nationals working against the muslim community and the honest workers who are working day and night for progress of Pune muslims by developing Auqaf lands in Pune and Maharashtra.


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