Campaign Unity4Safety Launched for Stricter Traffic Laws

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Mumbai: Indian Road Safety Campaign, in collaboration with WHO has initiated a project named Unity4Safety, to help in the passage of the Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill (MVA) and promote the awareness around road safety.

The objective is to reach out to the Policymakers and citizens of India to make them more cognizant about the alarming issue of road-safety and how new MVA  act can play a vital role in reducing road fatalities. Through this campaign, they want to make people aware of the good that will happen if this amendment gets passed. 

The bill was passed in Lok Sabha but is still pending in Rajya Sabha since last year. If passed, it will enforce high penalties for various traffic offences, three-year jail for parents of minors drivers causing fatal accidents and an increase in compensation for families of accident victims, along with many other clauses which will make Indian Roads Safer.

Every year India spends almost 3% of its GDP in road accidents which is a huge value. With safer and better infrastructure, the situation of roads can be improved.

Making the laws stricter can bring a drastic change in the current statistics of India’s road safety.


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