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Rayyan Ansari writes a book “My Thoughts” at the Age of 12

SN Ansari for BeyondHeadlines

Mumbai: At an age when children do not know how to read a book properly, Rayyan Ansari has written a book at this young age.

Rayyan has done this wonder at a young age of 12.

In conversation with BeyondHeadlines, Rayyan said, “I love to write and I am good at English. So I thought why not become an author. I took this decision as my father used to advice tell me to do something in life and become successful. He pushed me to my fullest and finally, I wrote this book”

“I like to share my thoughts and knowledge with people and make them laugh. That is another reason to become an author”, he added.

Teachers are shocked and happy at the same time to see this book written by a young boy. “The book, ‘My Thoughts’ is an inspirational work for students to increase interest in reading and writing,” said Ashfaq Lal Khan, Asst. Teacher, JAT School Malegaon.

“Rayyan Ansari is a motivation for our students. We have distributed books among the toppers of the school”, said Principal Aarti Mahajan Takshila English Medium School, Nashik.

“This book is an ideal and our students love to read it,” said the Chairman of Devidas Bachhav Daulati International School, Nashik.

“This book is one of the examples of quality work having excellence in writing skills, all the chapters are well in every manner, cartoons and symbols are used as needed to understand the readers,” said Ahsanul Haq, an English Teacher, Malegaon.

Son of Abdus Samad Ansari and Reshma Ansari, Rayyan was born in Mumbai and currently stays in UAE Sharjah. He is in the seventh standard.

The first edition of ‘My Thoughts’ was published on 21 August 2018. ‘My Thoughts’ consists of six chapters which occupy 26 pages.


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