16 Years old Farhan from Malegaon invented an Anti-Drone launcher

SN Ansari for BeyondHeadlines

Malegaon: Nowadays, Drone technology is booming, and it has its own positive and negative impacts on society. A drone is a flying machine having a camera for surveillance, spying, navigation, security and other application.

Mohammed Farhan invented a low cost, portable and easy to handle launcher by raw materials. It is used to catch illegal spying drone. It can be used in Agriculture for protection from animals and every farmer can afford it.

Farhan Said, “When I saw a drone and came to know that it can be used for criminal activities then an Idea came that I must design an anti-drone system. It required PVC Pipe, Waste Plastic Bottle, Electronics lighter, Battery, Trigger, Handle and a type of chemical liquid”.

He is studying in XIth standard in Science stream at ATT High School and Junior College in Malegaon. He participated in Nashik district-level science exhibition “NUJOOM” organized by Mansoora Engineering College, Malegaon.  He demonstrated his project and was awarded the first prize with 8000 cash, a trophy and certificate.

He further participated in different science exhibitions cum competitions and now he participated at Google Science Fair and waiting for the next announcement.

“We are mentoring him for his bright career”, said Farhan’s Uncle Ali Akbar who is an electronics engineer. Ali has completed engineering from DY Patil College, Pune and IOT (Internet of Things) certified from Army Institute of Technology Pune. His father Fero Hyder said that Farhan has always been involved and interested in DIY (Do It Yourself) projects.

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