AMUTA Raised Question on Police for Not Registering FIR’s of Students Even Till Date

BeyondHeadlines Correspondent 

Aligarh: The much awaited meeting of AMU teachers finally held after a week of AMU incident. Finally it condemned the incident that happened in the campus on 12 February which had started from the unauthorized entry of Republic TV crew/journalist for media coverage, who deliberately obstructed the security personnels of the University from performing their duty.

Waking up too late, the AMUTA raised a lot of questions regarding the incident. It condemned the dual behaviour of the concerned Police Official(s) for registering FIR’s in no time of outsiders without any enquiry, and on the other hand, for not registering the FIR’s of students even till date which was duly forwarded through the Proctor’s Office of the University. They finally gathered the courage to talk about highly serious and false charges like sedition against the AMU students.

According to Prof. Najmul Islam, Hony Secretary of AMUTA, the General Body also resolved to request FEDCUTA to form a committee at the National Level which may look after and do the needful for the false sedition charges slapped at various point of time against any student/academician, activist etc in academic institutions.

The General Body of AMUTA further requested His Excellency, the President of India (Visitor of AMU) to help in getting all charges against students as said above is absolved/dropped.

The Teachers Association said that these charges slapped on students for alleged crimes are just to hide the grave crime committed by outsiders. Had they not entered the campus in an unauthorized as well as unlawful manner, such an unfortunate incident would not have occurred at all. The General Body further demanded the University to conduct a time bound enquiry to investigate the overall conduct of the person who was instrumental in bringing the fringe outsiders into the campus and in turn, disturbed the peaceful and conducive atmosphere of the University…

The General Body also strongly questioned, why the Police often allows the fringe outsiders to enter the university campus at their will rather than stopping them at the University Circle or at any other place outside the University, and hence, consequently opined that the police of the area concerned should be held accountable for this breech on incidents that occurred on 2nd May 2018, wherein the security of the former Vice President of India was compromised as well as for incidents on 12th February 2019.

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