Right-wing Goons Attack Muslim Localities in Jammu

BSince morning, hundreds of rightwing goons and thugs are on streets in Jammu city, vandalizing property and burning vehicles belonging to Muslim community despite having a “curfew” in place. Four hours ago, a handful of right-wingers set one of my relative’s car on fire and damaged another one near Gujjar Nagar with security forces watching them as mute spectators.

Fearing for their lives, some of my relatives fled and took refuge in a local mosque, while two of my friends from the Sikh community safely evacuated my siblings.

Various incidents of violence by the rightwing goons were reported from different Muslim pockets of Jammu city. It is terrorism, pure and simple. I spoke to a couple of my bureaucrat friends and one thing that came out obvious is that the rightwing mob has been given a free hand by the state to intimidate and petrify the local Muslim population including Kashmiris and Muslims from Chenab valley living in the city.

The right-wingers are using the tragic CRPF convoy suicide bomb attack as an opportunity to set a stage for the coming parliamentary and assembly elections by polarizing the communities in a similar way they did during the 2008 Amarnath land row agitation.

And the biggest question: Why is it taking so long to control a mob of few hundred, when they have Northern Command Headquarters of Indian Army based 60 km away in Udhampur and thousands of JK Policemen waiting for orders in police lines?

This senseless and mindless violence by these rightwing goons has to be dealt with strictly and as soon as possible, without any delay or we can witness another Gujarat pogrom in Jammu.

(This post first appeared on the Facebook account of Raqib Hameed, a Kashmir based journalist.)



  1. Evencio Barros

    February 16, 2019 at 10:46 PM

    …Daily bread fir local population, without END of rivality between hindu power vs muslim, based in possesion of J&K…

  2. Joe

    February 17, 2019 at 2:33 AM

    Calling them “Right Wing is a euphemism for The Communal and The Racists. They are in fact the “Wrong Wingers”. Intolerant racist heartless killers. When you have military in a city is proof of the fact it is not your territory. Keep the military on the borders and talk to the people to whom Kashmir belongs. If you can’t do that take your army and police and get out if not The World Community will throw you out. Then you will have no shame.

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