Cantonment Court Directs Pune Police to Lodge Offence against Azam Campus Trust under P A Inamdar

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PUNE: The Pune Cantonment Court has directed the Cantonment Police Station to lodge an offence against fourteen trustees of Maharashtra Cosmopolitan and Education Society (MCES) which runs Azam Campus under its controversial President P A Inamdar in Pune, Maharashtra. Judicial Magistrate First Class (JMFC) A.S. Deshpande passed the order on the basis of a complaint filed by RTI and Human Rights Activist Anwar Gulamhusain Bagban in 2016. 

The judge in his order mention “This is an application filed by Bagban against the accused persons under section 156(3) of the Code of Criminal Procedure for giving directions to concerned police station to investigate and register the offence against the accused persons,” 

“The applicant made out prima facie case to proceed further against the accused persons. The application is supported by affidavit. The perusal of application and documents placed on record prima facie discloses commission of cognizable offence. Hence, detail investigation is required and for that purpose, it is necessary to direct the concerned police station to conduct the investigation on the basis of a complaint made by the applicant. Hence,I proceed to pass the following order,” Judge Deshpande said in his order dated March 16, 2019.

Bagban in his complaint stated “PA Inamdar became the president of MCES Society in 1983 and in 1984 with malafide interest being promoter and builder he was opposed on account of being president of the society, intended to start constructing a commercial complex of educational trust which is and was against donors. Inamdar with the help of other accused became President of the MCES Society and created a win win situation calling general body meeting of the society on 06/04/1986 and amended a non existing constitution of 1967 and introduced fake and bogus subscription fees of the new member and deleted about 400 names of all old members, donors etc on the pretext of subscription fee who were members as per the original constitution of 1948,” he stated.

The complainant further added “Inamdar with the help of other accused enrolled illegal members on the basis on annual subscription fees. Thus deleted all old members on the pretext of subscription fees from the membership and declared a list of 800 members in the year 1987. As such P A Inamdar on behalf of the society and others have filed a writ petition in the high court thereby intends to recognize the amendment of the ghost constitution of the society in 1967. 

Inamdar and the trustees in furtherance of their common intention prepared forged and bogus documents for their benefit, their followers, friends, relatives and workers. The said trustees on the basis of the non  existing amended constitution of 1967 became members of the said trust by playing fraud upon the other original members of the society and the trust at large illegally came into power and became office bearers like President, Vice President, Secretary and such since last thirty years are illegally looking after the MCES Society. The accused possess in their own custody all the original documents such as the constitution, list of members, books of accounts. The accused forged and fabricated membership registered in 2010 and destroyed the original register and prepared bogus and  membership list and submitted the same to the Joint Charity Commissioners office,” it stated

Bagban stated that he and his associates were not allowed to participate in the day to day affairs and activities of the society even though they were recognized members of the society as per the constitution of the board. He requested the court that the Azam Campus trustees be booked for offences punishable under section 420, 465, 468, 471 read with 34 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC)

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