New Zealand Terrorist saw Muslims as a Threat to the Survival of Whites in Europe

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Sumayya Atique for BeyondHeadlines

In the last 22 years, no such attack had taken place on the land of New Zealand. The World is in bereaving by such ambush on innocent beings. 

This was one of the worst ever action by an Australian man who remained active with his arms for more than half an hour. 

Terrorist Brenton Tarrant has brutally gunned down 49 people in Al-Noor and in Linwood mosque where people came to offer Friday prayer. 

28 years old terrorist had left a manifesto titled as “The Great Replacement”, his manifesto labelled Muslims as a threat to the land of White people. He believed Muslim immigrants are invaders and it was his duty to stop them. He wanted to take revenge and wanted to create fear.

The whole incident was a live stream on Facebook by the gunman and the video has widely been circulated over social networking. Facebook could have restricted the video before it got viral but it did not happen.

The incident showcases the motive of terrorist Brenton Tarrant that he wanted to show the Muslims that they may get killed in this manner and that they will be left with no choice in hand. 

By this it can also be depicted as Muslim haters  (nations) got an opportunity and new way to kill the innocents brutally. 

After watching videos many concluded, as if the terrorist was playing games like- PUBG, DayZ: Battle Royale, Last Man Standing in the real world. 

By this, we also need to understand that it is a full planned game to threaten the Muslims and to sow the seeds of enmity among others for Muslims. 

We should not consider it the only incident of its kind as this might be holding the roots for other such attacks.

According to him, Muslim immigrants are steadily destroying European identity by building mosques,  implementing Sharia laws and by holding political power. 

As the attack was well planned and he was licensed gun-owner, he wanted to intimidate the Muslim immigrants. 

However, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern wanted to reconceive the guns law and she considered March 15, 2019, one of the darkest days of New Zealand. Furthermore,  by projecting the attack in New Zealand, the gunman wanted to show the world that there is no safe place on this earth for Muslims.

All such attacks happen and such insecurity created among the mass by the popularization of the terms like – Islamophobia and this is the time where we all need to stand irrespective of any religion. 

Why only Islam is holding a suffix of phobia?  Why the religion of terrorists considers as Islam?  Ironically the religion which meant to promote peace glued with the term phobia. 

People like Brenton Tarrant have no direction to life. This incident proves that extreme violence can be done by any kind of human being with a certain mentality and prejudices. He does not necessarily need to be belonging to a certain faith, region or race.

This Neo-Nazi story is least highlighted in the mainstream media, whereas media were always concerned and more focused on depicting Islam as a religion of terror. 

Khaled A Beydoun said “If we don’t tell our stories, the history of mainstream media affirms time and again, nobody will. Muslims are typically newsworthy when villains – not victims. And Islamophobia is perpetuated by portraying Muslims, whether victims or villains, as a faceless, nameless, and monolithic bloc. By profiling the victims, I simultaneously challenged that damning stereotype, and dodged the booby trap set by the media-hungry terrorist.”

Such barbaric rampage at the mosque “Highlighted growing fear over an increasing Muslim presence “.

Trump’s sympathy was all hoax towards the innocents because he himself promoted notion to eliminate the non- whites. 

Under Donald Trump, the US government has banned immigration from several Muslim-majority countries, sharply cut the number of Muslim refugees admitted, and used divisive language to criticize Islam. Meanwhile, the leadership qualities of the New Zealand Prime Minister observed is worthy of praises. she announced her condolence and her positive attitude towards martyrs. Her worthwhile stance is appreciable and leaders of the world must opt such standpoint to remove all forms of hatred from among the masses.

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