Testing Times from October 2019–2020 as ISIS Casts Evil Eye on India!

By Dr. Ahmed Mohiuddin Siddiqui for BeyondHeadlines

The (Un) Islamic State or the ISIS has cast its evil eye on India and neighbouring Bangladesh with the intention of creating havoc through terrorism. The unIslamic terror organization has threatened to carry out attacks in India and Bangladesh with the appointment of a Bangladeshi national Abu Muhammed al Bengali as a so-called ‘emir.’

ISIS trolled, abused and threatened me on social media after my hard-hitting piece in The Moroccan Times in August 2015 – ISIS Menace to Spread, World Peace at Stake. They may do so again in different forms now as I am staying away from the social media which is enslaved by the hate mongers and right-wingers. But it cannot prevent me from writing about the ISIS devilish cult again as peace and India’s security is of paramount importance to me and I do not need any certificate of nationalism to establish my patriotic credentials.

In a conversation in 2015 regarding the ISIS Menace, renowned astro-gemmologist Dr. M. M Raza had claimed thus:

‘ISIS will pose a challenge to world peace. The terrorist organization led by Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi will spread like wildfire in areas hitherto unknown.’

If we observe the recent developments like the killing of the innocent people in Srilanka by ISIS, Dr Raza’s claim proved to be true as Srilanka is an ‘area hitherto unknown’ where ISIS has struck. He had also said that Iraq will bear the brunt of ISIS. That happened too. He had earlier predicted the Nepal earthquake. On Thursday, Dr M M Raza could recollect it easily, when I reminded him about his claim which proved to be true.

Dr M. M Raza cautioned India and Bangladesh to remain alert about the possible terror plots of ISIS especially during October 2019 and 2020. He said the likely states that could be targeted are Kashmir, West Bengal and Kerala. He wanted Telangana to take extra care. He asserted that big powers are behind ISIS. He declined to name those big powers even after persistent queries. He said that many countries will be prone to ISIS terror this year and the next year.

If the above claims are analysed, it gives food for thought on the immediate need to seal our porous borders. Ramanathapuram in Tamilnadu is very close to Rameshwaram and only a narrow strait separates India from Srilanka. This tiny town is under the scanner of the security agencies. NIA has already arrested Riyas- a native of Kerala, who was allegedly influenced by the dreaded terrorists, who carried out the blasts in Srilanka.

Increased Naval patrol can make the narrow strait secure for our country by stalling any infiltration of terrorists. In the states bordering Bangladesh, stepping up military intelligence and patrol will be the keys to thwart infiltration of terrorists. Efforts must be made to stop the smuggling of huge quantities of RDX to stop terror attacks. Each and every vehicle must be checked thoroughly to prevent Pulwama type of attacks. We cannot afford intelligence failure at great costs to our country. There is no use of boasts like – unke ghar mein ghus ke maara! In the first place, why do we allow terrorists to enter our ‘ghar’ (country) and strike at us?

ISIS must be tackled ruthlessly to keep our country safe. That’s the only way to procure peace.

(Dr. Ahmed Mohiuddin Siddiqui is a senior journalist and a political analyst. Views are personal.) 


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