Cooking masterclass!

By Irfan Ahmad

New Delhi: A cooking session and workshop to master the art of rolling sushi was organized at OKO restaurant, the LaLit in the Capital recently. The event was hosted by Chef Suriya, who curated a unique recipe of sushi rolls with a twist of rainbow colours. Chef Suriya has twenty years of varied experience and he is the man behind this scrumptious delights at OKO.

OKO is the newly launched pan-asian restaurant at the LaLit, New Delhi. OKO has an all-women and transgender service staff and is an extension of the campaign #PureLove that the LaLit Suri Hospitality Group follows along with Kitty Su.

A masterpiece that embodies culinary art, sushi is a unique blend of health and flavourful excellence. With India’s growing fondness for Japanese treats, the discerning food connoisseurs settle for nothing less than authentic and perfectly prepped sushi.

OKO serves perfectly wrapped, fresh and easy to pick sushi. The hub of Pan-Asian delight is now taking its game to the next level. Apart from serving this sushi array, OKO witnessed the skills of enthusiasts who rolled perfect sushi in this masterclass.

Chef Suriya, an expert in Pan-Asian delicacies, hosted this interesting cooking session. The master himself imparted to roll out the perfect sushi with interesting fillings. Chef Suriya said, “I equate sushi making as an art. It requires a mix of precision, delicate hands, an understanding of aroma and taste. Sushi is one of my favourites for the flavourful punch it packs and yet how it is good for health. I really liked the enthusiasm of participants. Everyone learnt the art of making perfect sushi.” The event presented a brilliant opportunity for home cooks to learn the tricks of this intriguing delicacy from the master himself.

(Irfan Ahmad is a Delhi based journalist. He writes for top publications like The Hindu)


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