Govt Granted Permission to Perform Namaz in Alamgir Masjid After 40 Years

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Pune: In a historic development, the Maharashtra state government under CM Devendra Phadnavis led Maharashtra Waqf Board, gave permission to Maharashtra Waqf Liberation Task Force president to hold permanent prayers for five times and special Id–ul—Fitr prayers at Alamgir Masjid in survey no 55 wherein 44.06 acres of land belongs to Maharashtra Waqf Board. 

Prayers were held after a time gap of forty years after they were allegedly stopped by the corrupt trustees to facilitate landgrab and cheat the Muslim community as a part of the anti-muslim conspiracy, devotees attending the prayer said. They have sought help from all corners of the country to keep namaz permanent in the mosque till eternity.

The historic prayers were held at the historic masjid on 5 June by prominent Maulana Mufti Shakir. A number of leading Muslims led by waqf task force president Saleem Mulla,  concern for people trust director Sohail Shaikh, Chief Commissioner of Income Tax (Retired) AJ Khan, Sayed Saeed Ahmed of Raabta foundation were present. 

The namaz after forty years received tremendous response from all communities across India. Special police protection was provided for the smooth conduct of the namaz.

Saleem Mulla said, “We have obtained permission to permanently offer namaz at Alamgir Masjid in Kondhwa in Survey No 55 which is waqf land according to the government records. We will start prayers for five times at the earliest and have received the complete support of the state government and the centre for this noble cause,” he said.

Muntazib Baig another Muslim devotee who attended the namaz alleged that satanic forces were directing the land grab in Kondhwa Survey No 55 where the village families who exercised control over the land were behind illegal burial of corpses in the land meant for Namaz. 

“We have awakened the Muslim community and receiving huge support from across the country to legally fight this dangerous and murderous mafia. The Muslim community has vowed to combat the Kondhwa Waqf mafia which is being secretly controlled by the elite and educated people who illegally bought the land by breaking all the laws of the land. The entire conspiracy hatched by these criminals have been exposed. We have also demanded to stop and take legal action against those burying corpses illegally in the area as they don’t want the Masjid but want their demonic forces to control the waqf land,” he said.

Former Chief Commissioner of Income Tax AJ Khan took to Facebook. He stated, “This auspicious day of Eid ul Fitr, God almighty granted my long-held wish of sweeping the mosque. Prayers were held today in this ancient structure, Alamgiri Masjid, given a grant of 46.4 acres of land for upkeep, maintenance and service to those offering prayers etc in 1656 AD by Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir. The keepers gradually, with substantial help from revenue officials, became owners, bequeathing to their progeny, while the beneficiaries slumbered, down the line and almost 45 acres of valuable urban land held as waqf alallah, were sold off during last 30-40 years. To enable the sinful deed of sale of God’s land, the mosque was abandoned some 40-50 years ago. The community, including its top layer of the educated, the well to do, the resourceful as well as the flag bearers of the community, the local Ulemas, remained blissfully unaware, unconcerned while the termites tore into and gobbled the property which was meant for public welfare.”

“We have a plan for the place to construct a big hall on stilts above the mosque and the adjoining land, to house a library, museum and training facility for Waqf management”, he informed.

Will the community support?, he questioned.

Meanwhile, MIM Pune has started its waqf connect programme related to Kondhwa Survey No 55 waqf land where it has planned to reach out to five million Muslim youths in the country. 

Currently, the MIM has sent details on Alamgir Masjid Trust Waqf land to over a million Muslims during the past four years. Also, all the leading lawyers of the community, political leaders and retired bureaucrats have offered complete support to Maharashtra Waqf Liberation and Protection Task Force President Saleem Mulla and his team as the waqf mafia was one of the most dangerous elite crime syndicates operating with the help of corrupt Muslim trustees, devouts said. Meanwhile, waqf activists have sought support from country’s leading lawyer Advocate Mehmood Pracha seeking his help on the issue. Lawyers have petitioned the Director General of Police to provide police protection to all the members working for the preservation of Kondhwa Waqf land.

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