Jamia Student Launches Start-up for Mothers to-be on Child Care

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New Delhi: Ishita Singh, a student of Jamia Millia Islamia(JMI), has launched a unique start-up, “MAATRITVAA: The Foundation of Life and Nation” to educate mothers to-be on self-care, baby care, lactation and breast-feeding apart from diet and nutrition required.

According to Ishita, a student of Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Design Thinking program of JMI and co-founder of the start-up, “early antecedents of child and adult health start at prenatally and even preconceptionally.  Our aim is to have a healthy childhood by educating mothers. “

Ishita, whose parents are doctors and her mother  Dr Asha Chaohan being another co-founder of the venture, said, “moms and moms-to-be need a way to understand the new journey they’re going through and know they are not alone because it might be an unfamiliar and overwhelming experience.”

MAATRITVAA is offering Offline classes with a practical demonstration to enhance the knowledge of mothers. This program involves a highly skilled and experienced Paediatric team of doctors. Emotional support to mothers, styling for mothers and customised approach to enhance their experience are provided.

The program runs in five stages– Adolescent care in which health screening (HIV, anaemia, STI’s), Self- care, diet, immunization, health parameters (BMI) are taken into account.

In stage 2 training on preconception care that involves addressing health screening, immunization, diet and lifestyle, alcohol and tobacco, genetic counselling, environmental condition etc.

In stage 3 classes are organised during 9 months with practical demonstrations on self-care, diet and nutrition, lactation/ breastfeeding, baby care, role of fathers and families.

In stage 4 post-natal care with a focus on self-care, mother groups, diet and nutrition, baby care are provided.

In 5th and last stage tips are given to mothers on child growth as well as monitoring neurodevelopment, psychosocial development, physical development of the child.

Ishita said, “this is the only program in India that is covering all the phases that leads to the healthy development of the child.

According to her NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore has picked up the program for a mentoring session.


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