‘Dancing Garden’, a painting by a fine arts teacher from Jamia selected for “Hall of Fame” at Iran

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New Delhi: A painting titled ‘Dancing Garden’ by Mr Ghazali Moinuddin, a young fine arts teacher at Jamia Middle School has been selected for “Hall of Fame” by Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) in Tehran(Iran) to be installed at their museum.

The painting depicts his unconventional and unique style as an artist who depicts nature in an abstract, semi-realistic form by using only his fingers to paint the canvas and not the paintbrushes. Inspired by nature his work is a tribute to God’s creation and represents harmony and balance required.

Ghazali received an appreciation letter from Ambassador of MSTF Dr Eram Rizvi which says “ This is in appreciation of your artwork granted for the Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation for 57 OIC countries. The vibrancy of the colour combinations used by you have the ability and energy to enliven the constitution of any art hall. Therefore, we deem it fit to one of the central pieces of the MSTF Hall of Fame to electrify the minds of the art-lovers by simply being a part of it. ’’

Ghazali’s paintings are a call for world peace in their own way symbolising global harmony and natural beauty that coexist in nature.

Ghazali has been associated with JMI and has received recognition at various forums.  He has had solo and group shows of his paintings in India and abroad along with national and international art camps. He also participated in the world’s largest event of art in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt as the only representative from India.


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