Hyderabad Police Busts Major Hawala Racket; Gujarati Gang Arrested; Rs 5 Crore Recovered

By Dr. Ahmed Mohiuddin Siddiqui

In a major crackdown against the illegal money transfers in the city, Hyderabad city police swooped down on a Gujarati gang of alleged hawala racketeers and seized an amount of Rs. 5 crores, which was being transported without any legal documents. Hyderabad City Police Commissioner disclosed this at a media meet on Tuesday.

The currency that was seized is in the denomination of Rs. 2,000, Rs.500 and Rs.200. The West Zone Task Force and the team under the supervision of the deputy commissioner of police Radhakishan Rao swung into action on receiving credible inputs about the money movement from the Jubilee check post. The suspects were on their way to transport the money to Mumbai.

The following gentlemen are now cooling their heels and enjoying the hospitality of Hyderabad City Police, belong to Vibrant Gujarat in New India:

Vipul Kumar Patel (39), Shailesh Bhai (49), Arjun Labhuji (28), Rajesh Rameshbhai Patel (31), Upendra Kumar Patel (55) and Patel Chetan Kumar ((39).  During the investigation, it came to light that the arrested suspects were running the business of illegal money transfer in the city.

They were allegedly supplying cash to needy customers at an interest rate of 0.6 per cent, without any account transactions. It is said the lending company is located in Ahmedabad and headed by P. Umesh Chandra and another one in Mumbai, which is headed by Harshad Bhai Patel.

Hyderabad police seized two cars and one bike from the suspects apart from the money. A case was booked under relevant sections and investigation is on. Now, the prime question is ‘will the suspects spill the beans about the kingpin of the racket and if any political connections are involved?’ Money being transported to Mumbai just a couple of months before the Legislative Assembly elections are to be held is a point to ponder.

Will the suspects be convicted or come out clean? Even if they are out on bail soon, garlands and bright political future may be waiting for them. After all, they are ‘running’ the economy!

Hyderabad’s smartest cop – Anjani Kumar, IPS, keeps his colleagues on toes and makes surprise visits to the police stations in the city limits. He enthuses the cops. It is paying dividends in checking crime as in the case above. Kotwal Sahab (as Hyderabadis love to call police commissioner) Anjani Kumar means business — the business of curbing crime in the global city of Hyderabad!


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