Meet country’s first differently abled DJ and Drag Queens at Kitty Su

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New Delhi: If you want to do certain work you must fulfil certain criteria. There are many reports that if you belong to a particular gender or if you are differently-abled you face disparity in getting a job opportunity. But, the same time we have hope to make it better. Kitty Su, The Lalit is such a place in the capital where rays of hope are beaming. This club is not only delightful for guests. It gives an opportunity to such people who have faced discrimination on the ground of their gender and physical ability.

Aamish is country’s first differently-abled DJ. Kitty Su gave him the opportunity to work with them. Now, the time has come to think in a sensible and sensitive way. These kinds of people don’t want sympathy. They just want the opportunity to showcase their talent before the world. He performed at OKO, the pan Asian restaurant at The Lalit.

The brain behind Kitty Su is Keshav Suri of the Lalit. His foundation is working for the LGBT community also. And they have started programs and scholarships for this community. Keshav said, “Education is a basic right and also a tool that helps one lead a life of dignity. The only way we can become an understanding and inclusive society is when the next generation is evolved. Through, Drag Queen Story Hour we want the children and parents to understand and break the constructs of gender. We are launching the scholarship to enable the community to earn a respectful livelihood and remove prevalent phobia in society.”

Drag queen Gentleman Gaga aces the fashion game with their unique styles. The works of Lady Gaga inspires Gentleman Gaga. Working on music, art, and dance and Lady Gaga’s unabashed attitude prompted to adopt the name Gentleman Gaga said, “I am happy being a man and have no qualms about my man-self. I don’t think I was born in the wrong body. Drag for me is an art. It is the exhibition of immense talent for a man to dress likes a woman and dance with feminine grace.”

Gentleman Gaga performed at Kitty Su recently. Ma Faiza is a lesbian and DJ. Experimental music is her forte and she is often accorded the title of Mother of Electronica. Ma Faiza is one of the most iconic EDM artists in the country today. Kitty Su provides a good platform for such people. And, such activities can help the society to change the perception and mindset of people.


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