To those who ask why Students are Protesting?

By Swati Khanna

To the Indians not understanding why are we students protesting so much against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

And How it will affect the lives of Indian.

Then take my own example.

I belong to a refugee family whose paternal grandparents and maternal grandparents both with their families migrated to India after partition in 1947. I originally belong to Jhang, Punjab, Undivided India.

Now this Government wants to implement NRC and then CAA on the whole country respectively.

For NRC first I will have to show all documents of me getting into Indian territory (I don’t have it, they all came on barefoot) and prove my identity through my family linkage. (what if I was a loner with no parents today? I couldn’t prove this then)

But my own Muslim Punjabi friend (I won’t name) also migrated with us to India in 1947, since Indian Muslims chose to side with secular India.

Now he also has to take the NRC test and just like me he doesn’t have any migration proof but only a family linkage.

Let’s assume my friend and I both fail the NRC test and get excluded from the NRC list.

Now according to chronology, Government will implement CAA (which includes all people migrated to India except Muslims)

And now, I will be saved because of CAA just because I belong to a Hindu Punjabi family.

But my Muslim Punjabi friend will be termed as a foreigner with No home but India. And he will be detained in some detention centre.

People, concentration camps were also set up BY LAW in Germany. Are you ready to build another such concentration camps for your own Indians?

I hope you don’t ask me again about how this CAA and NRC will affect Indians.

And that it is not just against Article 14 and the Basic Structure of Constitution.

But it is also a major step towards ethnic cleansing of our OWN Indian Muslims.

And we, the people of India shall stand shoulder to shoulder with our own brothers and sisters.


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